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*sob* I have a cold!

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My nose was runny and I was sneezing earlier this week. I wasn't sure if it was a cold coming on or allergies. It was the only symptoms that I had, so it could have been either one. It had been more than 2 weeks since my furniture was vacuumed and 2 weeks since my carpet and floors were vacuumed.

However yesterday evening I started to have a dry cough with a tickle in my throat, which gradually got worse over night.

This morning my eyes are gummy and weepy, my throat is sore, I'm still coughing, my ears are itchy and my head is pounding ... probably from all the coughing I've been doing!

I swear that someone has put a curse on me because if it's not one thing it's another when it comes to my health
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Oh no. You must have caught it since you're out and about some - I can just imagine people coughing or sneezing and touching gym equipment.

I hope you get over it soon and have some simple stuff around to cook in case you feel to tired to.

You know all cold/flu care tips already... but don't push yourself too hard. I know you've been trying to get to the gym and get in shape lately, but you deserve a few days to rest and recoup. Get better soon.
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Feel better soon!
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Lot's of feel better vibes coming you way

I have been home the last two days fighting an ear infection so I know how frustrating not feeling well can be..

Feel better soon
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Aaaaaaw, that sucks. Get well soon hun
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Hope you feel better soon Linda
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I have to go out to the store and post office this afternoon, and I put orange juice on my list of things to buy. The heck with the carbs! I'm going to OD on OJ!! For some reason I find that when I start to feel a cold, if I guzzle OJ for a few days I start to feel better. However, it doesn't fall true with vitamin C tablets. It has to be OJ.

Thanks for the vibes! Send some to remove whatever curse was put on me
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OJ and take two kitties and cuddle frequently.
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I feel your pain I have a cold too, I wish I could afford to take some time off work. I took Monday off because I was very sick. I have been caughing and sneezeing all week. I am hopeing this clears up by Satrurday for my Birthday.... It wouldn't be the first time I was too sick to go out for my birthday.

Hope you feel better!
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I used Zicam right when I was coming down with a cold and it went right away. You have to use it right at the beginning for it to work.
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Well, I'm stocked up on Halls cough drops and Orange Juice. I'm supposed to go to the gym tomorrow but I can tell by the way I'm feeling today that I should take tomorrow and just cuddle my kitties in bed and read and sleep.
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Ugh! It feels like every rib in my body is broken! I've been coughing so much and so hard that my chest muscles are beyond sore.

I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours hearing a cat meowing softly. I thought it was my neighbours kitten across the hall. Turns out I've been wheezing!

My apartment is now like a sauna! I've been boiling a huge pot of water on the stove to add some humidity. I just turned it down to a simmer and am heading back to bed to try and get some more sleep.
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sounds like its a good day to stay home and in bed to me.
Take care of yourself and get better soon
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