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Question of the Day - March 13th

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Who else is loving that it stay lighter, later?

I get home from school kinda late and now it's still a little light so I don't feel so gloomy when I get home
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yep I like it too !
now I can get some sunset photos :-)
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I like it just because I have to park like 5 blocks from work and it's downtown, so it's still light while I'm walking past the homeless people that hang out around the mission down the street.

I don't like waking up when it's still dark, though.
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I've always liked Daylight Savings Time.
I don't really think it has much to do with there being daylight least not for me.
When I think about DST I remember back to when I was a kid and I knew that once DST hit that meant that the end of the school year was only a few short weeks away.
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Joey ... he gets to stay out later
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I hate daylight savings! Its fine in the fall, but spring is awful. It takes me weeks to adjust to getting up "earlier".
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I like when it gets darker earlier too, I love the changes
Now I can go walking after work when it warms up a bit since its lighter out later!
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I love it and I hate it. I just like it staying lighter out, I'm not the biggest fan of walking the dogs in complete darkness. But on the other hand when it's lighter out, John insists on me being out late helping him work on his cars.
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I find that I have a harder time adjusting to it in the spring but I do like it being daylight longer..
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I love it! Its so much brighter when I'm leaving work and it doesnt feel like the entire evening is gone as much!
The dark in the morning kinda sucks but that will go away soon too!
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I love it! DH hates the new schedule cause he is back to darkness when he goes to work. LoL

My sleep schedule is also messed up. I am going to bed later and waking up close to noon.
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I don't like it. I like when it gets darker earlier. A lot of the reason being the sun points right into my computer room and shines right in my eyes. If I am not home, I am probably at work where we can't see outside so it doesn't bother me then.
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for me it puts me up into a totally different mood cause i work second shift, when it gets dark early, its generally dark 2 hours into my shift. making the night seem longer because its 6 hours of darkness i am working in. well when it gets darker later like now its 8pm and still a little daylight well that makes it that when i go to work i am only working 4 hours into the darkness making the night seem shorter. make any sense. point is when it gets darker later i am not at tired when i get off work just after midnite and i dont want to go home and go straight to bed. plus when it gets darker later it makes the fish start bitin good just a little bit after i get off work so hammy and i can go fishing woooohooo
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Whats not to like?
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Well, since DH started his new job, the being darker in the morning is a moot point. He started to manage a customer escalation which means that he has to be on a conference to India at 5 am PDT. Which means that Butzie and I are up, too. On TCS earlier.
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I love it!!! I actaully get to see the sun on tuesday and thursday now!!! (I have classes most of the day)
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I love it. With it staying light later I seem to have more energy to actually accomplish something in the evenings, instead of just vegging in front of the TV.
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it does make the day slightly more bareable.
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Me!!!!! I LOVE that the light is out longer now! I've been taking the dogs for extra long walks after i get off work in the evenings- they're loving the extra sunshine too!
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It's kind of okay. At least the girls haven't figured it out yet, and they are waking me up at 5 am (for the time being.) Of course, once they've figured it out, and we go back off daylight savings time in the fall, they'll wake me up at 3 am. I'm finding it difficult to get up earlier, because my brain isn't on daylight savings time yet, so I still go to bed at the same time (only an hour later on the clock.) I'm really going to hate it next Wednesday, when I have to be at work at 6 am for my BLS class. Yuck!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Who else is loving that it stay lighter, later?
You mean about the change of Schedule in EUA?.......this will happen until firts weekend of April to Mexico...
and Is great to see more light of the day no matter is around hours of night!.......
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Oh I LOVE it!! I usually get out of work between 6-6:30pm and I hate when it's dark out - feels so much later. Now with it being lighter, I feel like I'm getting out of work earlier than when I do!
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i love it! hehe, guess that's because i was born in this sort of weather LOL!
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I'm all about it. For one our street is pretty dark, minus a few street lamps, because there isn't a lot of traffic down this road and few houses compared to the rest of the town. So when I'd get home and it was dusk/dark I would just walk into the house with whatever I could grab.

Now I can put the garbage can under porch without fearing the boogie man coming to get me
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