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Yep, our roadtrip from Wisconsin to Virginia starts very early tomorrow morning.

I have the alarm set for 4:55 am would like to be on the road by 5:30 am, but Neil isn't a morning person so we'll see.....

I think the car will be pretty full too. I am bringing stuff down for my sis plus Neil is bringing some tools to work on her lawnmower, chainsaw maintenance and I'm of course bringing gardening stuff.

I have a HUGH to do list (so what am I doing here!!)

I am using a "new" pet sitter (a neighbor) and this will be the first time we will be leaving for more than a couple of days and Bakker hasn't had this happen before. So I'm going to leave bathrobes, sweatshirts on the sofa that the kitties can lay on!!

I have enough roadtrip food for a week rather than one day (we are driving the whole day stopping only for gas/bathroom breaks.

OJ, soda, iced tea, water. Chips, red licorace, chicken breast/cheese sammies, carrot sticks and pineapple. I think that should keep us fed.

My sis doesn't have a computer so I'll be TCS-less for a week (eek)

We don't have too much planned-a sidetrip to DC/Richmond for sure though-perhaps VA Beach.
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Have fun & safe travels!
Take some pictures for us while your there too!
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enjoy your trip.
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Have a safe trip, and have a wonderful time!
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Have lots of fun and I am sure the critters will be fine...Just think of all the kitty kisses you'll get when you get home.

Travel safe...
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Bon Voyage! Wave when you drive through Indiiana.
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be safe thru the mountains it should be beautiful, i have family in bristol tennessee. we travel from ohio thru wva, va and into northern tenn. i love virginia beautiful state dont like the cops tho they patrol heavier there
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OMG no TCS for a week!!?

I am going to miss you in the Daily!!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!
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Try not to go into kitty and TCS withdrawl and have a great trip!
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My sister has her cat that she brought with her for Christmas so he will be really spoiled!!

Got most of the stuff in the car already, would have benn done but had to resolve the water seepage in the basement....
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Have a great time! Stay safe!
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have fun!
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