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New kitty

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I knew it was bound to happen. I don't have human kids (and doubt I ever will), so I guess this was my equivalent of the ticking biological clock. I have been fighting the "I want/need another cat" urge for a few months, and I lost that fight today.

I decided to go to the SPCA this afternoon, and as I parked in their lot, I gave a quick prayer to Bast: "If I am meant to have one of these cats, I want an extremely obvious sign, one that can't be ignored."

I walked into the cat room and as I did there was a tremendous MEOW! A large black cat in the glass enclosed multi-cat area was screaming at me, eyes locked with mine, and throwing himself at the glass in front of me. I laughed and walked further into the room. He followed me on the other side of the glass and kept yelling at me and slamming his head into the glass. I turned and said, "Did you want me to say hi?" and he sat up and started scratching at the glass as if to get through to me.

I asked one of the SPCA employees if I could see this cat. As the girl held him (Their policy prohibits you from holding the cats), he yelled and squirmed and kicked at her to get to me. He then reached a paw out to me and meowed, looking right into my face. I gave him a head scritch and he started the loudest purr I have ever heard.

Ok, I got what I asked for, Bast, loud and clear!

His name is Sparkey, but I am almost definitely going to change that. (To me, Sparkey will always be the dog from South Park!) He is a domestic long haired all black cat, and is going to be neutered tomorrow, so I will pick him up on Tuesday. I have already warned my gang here that they will be getting a new brother! I plan on using the "vanilla trick" and have some Feliway on hand in case it is needed. Stopped in Petsmart and got another litterbox and food dish. Now I just have to break the news to my BF! (I suspect that he won't be surprised or at all upset. He is as much a cat lover/slave to felines as I am).

Here is a photo of "Sparkey" from the SPCA's website. I certainly will have more once he comes home!
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What a great story! Now you are Mom of 11 cats!
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ohhhhh I love that kitty!!!!
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Goodness, maybe you should name him Kama short for Kamakazee!
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There should be warning signs outside of shelters. You know, "WARNING! Cats may be addictive! May cause urges to spend more time cleaning litterboxes than house! May cause your neighbors to refer to you as 'that crazy cat lady'!..."
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He is beautiful Mom of 11 cats!
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Very adorable! I LOVE black babies!
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Name him "Karma", for obvious reasons.
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Reading things like this scares me...only because I know, sooner or later, one cat will not be enough...lol.

Congrats on the new addition!
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Congrats!! You asked for a sign, and you got one loud and clear!!

Very cute!

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Thanks everyone! Yes, I certainly got a sign that was loud and clear! (Very loud, he has quite a voice for a non-Meezer!)

I have a few names in mind right now, but haven't decided. BTW, I don't think I mentioned this, he is 2 yrs 6 months old, which makes him a Libra (same as me!).

Here are a few names I've thought of for him:

I'm going to have to get him home here and spend some time with him before I make a decision. You're certainly welcome to keep the suggestions coming!

Mary Anne, I love "Kamakazi".

Agree with the idea of warning signs in front of shelters
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Congratulations on your new addition, Sue! He looks like a sweet kitty. :tounge2:

Maybe we should put somewhere in the policy before new members sign up... "Do not make your nickname with the number of cats that own you... it is inevitable that you will get more."
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Jenn, that is too true...

Now all I have to do is resist the urge to think that they're "Cheaper by the Dozen"!!
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"Cheaper by the Dozen"!!
:laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :laughing: :laughing2
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Mom of soon to be 11- why not just call him Libra?
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What a stunning cat !! He is the spitting image of my late black boy Sydney !! Oh my , I am in love with this one !!!(hey , why not name him Sydney ? )
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Congrats Sue really seems that you were meant to have him hey. What did the B/F say? Go for a bakers dozen you are almost there

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Well, at first the BF was a bit miffed. "What in the world made you go to the SPCA in the first place?" I told him I wanted to get the "I want a cat" urge out of my system and told him about having asked for a sign, then told him what had happened.

He said, "Well, if you asked Bast for a sign, and that's what happened, who am I to argue with a goddess?"

He is looking forward to meeting the new guy and is also working on thinking of names.
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