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cat's feet?

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I was wondering if its ok to cut the long hair on the bottom of Blossom's feet the same way I would a dog? Or is it best left alone? She's an indoor kitty.
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There's no reason to trim it at all unless it gets in something sticky and mats up - it protects their paw pads. And it's cute, too.
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I trim Wickett's all the time because he roots through the litter box and the less hair the less mess... sort of. There's no real harm in it IMO since she's an indoor kitty so it's really up to you.
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I leave Zoe's alone...I think it's cute too
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Unless its a major problem in keeping the feet clean from the litter pan, its better not to mess with the fur on the feet. Its not really hurting anything
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When I had long hairs I'd clip the feet fur to help them stop sliding on the floor, they didn't seem to mind and it did help.
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Thanks for the reply's. A few months ago I saw a cat expert on a morning news programme, telling us all about indoor cats. She had her cat with her & she mentioned the long foot hair saying it was like that because her cat never went outside.
I also agree that it looks cute.
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I'm not sure that would be a real reason though... Frankie never goes outside and she doesn't have long toe tufts but she's also a short hair cat. I think it has more to do with coat than indoor/outdoor.
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I don't think it's long because they don't go outside. I think it's more of a genetic thing... Maine Coons have tufts of fur between their paw pads and I don't think it has anything to do with not going outside--it's a breed trait.

If your cat is slipping or having problems, you can clip it but be very careful! I trim the fur underneath my dogs' paw pads because it improves their traction. It also keeps them from getting gunk stuck in the fur when they're outside. However I wouldn't trim it on our Maine Coon kitten because they're supposed to be there...
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