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Daily Thread Thurs March 13th!

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Good morning folks!

Its almost Friday!! I am heading to my sisters to hang out with my family on Friday. We are having a sleepover

Today I am just going in to work, and then the gym. Same old day for me

Its -5 today, but tomorrow will be 5 and rainy. I am glad it will be mild though!

Have a great days everyone!
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Morning!. Housework night tonight, then i'll pack my case because i didn't get to do it last night.

I feel the need for some new perfume as well so i think i'll pop into town on the way home?
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I feel the need for some new perfume as well so i think i'll pop into town on the way home?
watch out for the cybermen,
oops sorry to much doctor who
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
watch out for the cybermen,
oops sorry to much doctor who
You and your daleks!
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We got a little snow last night so its broken a seasonal snowfall record that stood since 1923!! We are at 80" for the season and we are supposed to reach temps in mid 40's today!!!!

Too much to do today for our roadtrip starts early tomorrow morning.

Will try to squeeze in a walk this afternoon though.
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Morning All!!

Not to bad here this morning about -7 but windy. We are suppose to get warmer temps as well tomorrow so that will be a nice change.

Nothing much planned for today, off work so most likely just putter around the house.

My ear infection is progressing but it still hurts to turn my head and everything still has a echoing quality..

The kitties are good have their version of a kitty rodeo right now..

Everyone have a good one
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Morning guys!
Its already been a long morning for me!

Apparently our apartment is on the flight path from Bristol Motor Speedway and Tri Cities airport. So there has been a constant stream of helicopters taking race drivers over. Its annoying, mostly because they are flying really low!

But other than that I am doing good! Looking forward to this weekend! Spring break for the high schools is almost over so all the dogs go home from work! (we have 41 right now...) And its race weekend so we have lots of entertainment, and lots of people around! Plus Gary had 25 people from his family coming in so his house is going to be crazy! But that means shopping with the girls on Sunday!

Today I have to work 1 PM - 8:30 PM not a fun shift. But the forecasted high for today is 70! FLIP FLOPS! WOOO!
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Good afternoon. It's a beautiful sunny day out.
I got up way to late today. I was up late watching tv(yes not shamrocks). Mom has been up since 7:30am slamming things. I really think she is losing her hearing. She had two tv's on really loud too. So since my sleep kept getting interupted, I kept trying to catch up.

No idea what I am doing today. I was supposed to hit the shops with mom but it's too late for her now.

Enjoy your day.
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Today I have to put away all my laundry I did yesterday, pack my stuff to go away, buy a few things and work 5-9:30. Tomorrow night we are staying at my moms because my sister is away and we are buying a seat for the car off someone that lives in her city. Saturday morning we are off to Niagara Falls and I am so excited.

I have to stock up on kitty food before the weekend because I ran out last night. My boyfriends dad will be watching them, but I don't know if he will do anything. I have to get the litter boxes and everything changed tonight.
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morning everyone~

It's supposed to get up to 53 degrees today! It's already 45 so I think it'll get close.

We are both off today and are going to get my new glasses.

Twig is getting better day by day. Hopefully his issues are far behind him.
I was so worried, I cried and wondered what I did wrong to make him so sick.
He's never been sick like that before. But the medication they gave him is making him feel better and ornery as usual, so I think he's going to be fine.

That's my life in a nutshell. pretty uneventful as usual.

Have a great day everyone!
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Today, I am getting a new cap to replace the old one. Just because we have dual dental coverage for a few months, so the entire cost should be covered.

The pool at my club is closed for deck repairs. I will probably work out in the gym afterwards and pick up a Jamba Juice for our son to get something resembling a good food into him.

Nothing else much is happening. Enjoying watching the birds starting to build nests.
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Today.....just one 40 serving breakfast and one 40 serving most of the prep work for a 300 serving wedding tomorrow only 3pm and I'm already exhausted, lol!
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