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The Rude Cat.

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Hello, everyone. Our Mischa is a 3 year old DLH/Siamese mix. Even as a child she was extremely demanding, and her odd behaviors have only increased. Her mood changes frequently, she will go from very sullen and furtive to manic and agitated within minutes.
She's a fickle eater, but for the last month has turned her nose up at everything but ground turkey and baked salmon. She wants constant attention, and becomes anxious in silence. It has reached a point where we leave the radio, or an audio book on at all times, but that doesn't always do the trick.
When Mischa wants to hear us speaking to her, or wants to be held, or just stared at, she will *hit* us, often in the face, with her claws out, and/or chastise us vocally. Sometimes it's a gentle hit, where she moves in slow motion, but always with the claws out. If we ignore this, or leave her for even a brief period of time, she will exact a penalty on the house, destroying anything glass that she can find.
She's been to two doctors, both of whom gave us furrowed eyebrows and declared it 'behavioral' in nature. We would do anything for Mischa. All we want is her happiness. Any advice for fostering independence and a little less..violence?
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I don't have any advice on how to train her away from this behavior, but I wonder if having another cat would help keep her occupied and less needy for your attention?
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She might need kitty 'Prozac'... and I am NOT kidding about it. Sometimes animals ... especially high-strung ones like you're describing - need a little anti-anxiety type of med. There have been threads here on that subject. I am no expert in any way, shape or form, but it is worth inquiring about.
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Hi, do you play with Mischa? With even hand made 'toys', as opposed to just giving her things but not interacting? How about a cat tree (cats need heights to run up to and down from. Siamese need activity and she may be bored, though i'm not sure another cat would be the answer for her. One thing before I forget - as far as her food goes, whose fault is that :-)? Plus she needs to have taurine in her diet for vision, and cat food provides it (though if she routinely cook for her, you can add it yourself - I think most pharmacies carry it, but ask your vet how to do it properly. If you want her to eat cat food, then just don't give her people food. She may go on strike for a couple of days, but hunger will win out and she'll get back on track if there's no choice.
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Thank you for the replies.
For play, Mischa has a sturdy sisal tree, and shaggy carpeting up the walls for climbing (which the vet recommended). She has put on so much weight...it doesn't get much use. We play with catnip bubbles, crinkles, wands...that isn't entirely true. *I* play with the toys while she watches.
She is very much our child. I feel we pay much thought and attention to her!! She is 19lbs now, which we know is not good. I leave "Blue Spa Select" down for her at all times, but it sits there, untouched. If I hint that she should have a look at it, she gives me the evil eye. I *know* she loves us, there is no obvious malice to this constant hitting, it's more like...I suspect she imagines us to be her sweet, albeit very stupid children? Even when we are staring, talking, stroking, she's still hitting. We're missing her key desire, somehow. I cannot imagine what it is!?!
The thought of putting her on a mood stabilizer...that would really be a last resort. As her guardians, we should be able to provide an environment where she can be content? We've talked about getting her a companion, but she's so strong and large and rough and..opinionated, who knows what sort of wrath we'd all face!
To get by, I keep her nails VERY blunt and short, but there really is no recourse aside from that.
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Have you tried a laser pointer? You can get it at most pet places I think, and it could (if she responds) keep her running back and forth for hours.
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Originally Posted by Empathica View Post
I leave "Blue Spa Select" down for her at all times, but it sits there, untouched.
I assume this is a brand of food? How about switching to meal times, changing brands to see if you can find something she likes. Never known a cat to refuse Fancy Feast tins, it is important that she eats a balanced diet no matter what the brand.

Try her on some Rescue Remedy or other flower essence to help her relax, or a Feliway plug in.
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