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i have to have wood stove pellets for taz because other litters can cause respiratory problems and blockages in ferrets. it's made it easier when i was able to switch kuan yin to it because he spends so much time roaming the house it gets tiresome to keep picking up and stowing away the litter boxes that are not "ferret safe". kuan yin didn't approve at first but with some time of mixing the old and new she finally gave in and started to use it.
tigger, being a newbie, i haven't even attempted yet at switching over but tonight he surprised me and used one of taz's litter boxes full of the pellets. so now, i guess he's switched.
the last one i should stark working on is cuddles..i've moved the LAST (of many) litter boxes in the house filled with the traditional scoopable into the bathroom where she hangs out a lot anyway to sleep in the "den" i made her where she can hide from at least all i have to do when taz is out is close the bathroom door so he can't get to it.
we'll see how she does..
that's a lot of thinking for poop isn't it?