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My Son's friends had miscarriage!

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They are a younger 20's couple who were pregnant.
They were so excited!!
They both have very close knit family, etc...

She went for her ultrasound appt. and they couldn't find a heartbeat.

They did the DNC yesterday, I saw them when they came by today.

They were only about 10 weeks along, but SOOOOO excited!!
That's a long 10 weeks when it's yours.

I need some kind of condolence to send that is inexpensive as I am broke right now.
They are such sweet people and I just wish there was something I could do or a very sweet sincere site I could find something to send for free or very little $.

Thanks for any info!
Cant really forward wishes from ya'll, she doesn't know how much of an internet junkie I am. I want it to be very personal from me.
Just haven't found what I am wanting yet.

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This is so sad, Patty. I'm sure they wouldn't expect you to spend any money on them. Surely, a card in which you expressed your sincere condolences would be just as meaningful as any gift you would send.
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Some people dont want anything to remind them of what happened! That was me all over... Someone brought it up and I would be a nervous wreck!

Something simple, A poem perhaps... You could find one easily on the net... I think I even have a few somewhere on my laptop! Ill give a looksee!
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Hey, is the mommy religious?? Heres one that I have.. its sad, but it helped

I Chose You...

"Why did You take him?" I cried to God.

He said, "He was not yours to keep."

"But why him? Why did you have to choose him?" Quietly I plea.

"I did not choose him. I chose you," his answer boldly came.

"I do not understand," I replied.

He said, "I needed a mother for an angel, and not just anyone would do. I needed someone very special, and that is why I chose you. I needed someone with strength of heart and courage beyond compare. I needed someone I could rely on who would not be afraid to care. A person that sees beyond the pain, and understands the hurt. TO BE A MOTHER TO AN ANGEL IS THE GRANDEST OF MY WORK. I saw in you all these things, you were perfect for the job."

I did not know quite what to say, and all I could do was sob.

"Do not cry, My Child. I know this is hard, but it is all a part of my plan. I have been with you along the way. I have never stopped holding your hand. This job is tough and not meant to be easy, even now that my Agel is home. You have made me so proud to see how in faith and love you have grown. I will always be near you. YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE FOR BECOMING A MOTHER OF GRACE."

My heart became still. My mind was at peace. The answer had become clear. I finally understood the reason I was here. "Thank you, God for seeing in me, what I could not. Your will is mine and my service to you will never stop."

God simply said, "I know."

heres another

A Rosebud

When God calls little children to dwell with him above,
We mortals always question the wisdom of His love,
For no heartache can compare with the death of one small child,
Who does so much to make this world seem wonderful and mild.
Perhaps God tires-always calling the aged to His fold,
And so He picks a rosebud before it can grow.
God knows how much we need them, and so He picks but a few
To make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view.
Believing this is difficult, yet somehow we much try,
For the saddest word that mankind knows will always be "goodbye."
And so, when little ones depart, we who are left behind
Must realize how much God loves children-
For Angels are hard to find.

These are ones that I recieved when I miscarried... I treasure them always
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