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Broken Tail?

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Well, Dusty just doesn't have a couple of kinks in her tail, her tail must have been broken at the base. I have realized as she has gotten older, that she doesn't hold her tail straight out. She can't. It goes out to the right side.

I doesn't appear to hurt her. I wonder how this happened. Could it have happened in the womb or during birth? I guess I will never know.. Maybe she was a breech birth.

But I love her and and her funny tail...
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Firefox's tail feels like it was broken at some time, too. permanently curled up at the tip. she can move the tip & the tail just fine, tho. definitely feels very different from the others' tails!
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Yeah, just like Dusty... She can move it just fine. It is just noticable when she is walking or running. She never holds it out straight. Rusty on the other hand, when she is happy, her tail is flying high and will curve and almost touch her head. She has a very long tail!! Like her mama. The people I got them from called the mama "Rat" because her tail was so long.
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Linus also has had a broken tail, he has a funny little kink right near the end. The vet cofirm this for me the first time I had him in. She told me that it is common in shelter cats because of getting them caught in the cage grates..
His looks really funny but gives him added personality.
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Bentley actually got his name from his bent tail! He has a bend in the middle of his tail (probably from getting caught in a cage) and a really tight little kink at the end of it. . . He is constantly knocking stuff off tables because he hooks it with his tail!
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