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Water Issues...

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My husband and I were wondering... why do our cats like to drink water anywhere EXCEPT their water bowls? I mean, they'll drink out of those too, but if they find another water source, such as a water glass in the sink, the bathtub after a bath, the shower after a shower, or (heaven forbid!) the toilet, it's instant slurping! Why do they do this?
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Maybe the water is fresher in the other locations? Mine have 2 fountains and choose the fresh running water over their bowl.
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They do it to aggravate us and make us wash and refill their bowls!
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@ Taterbug... I agree!

As for the water being fresher, I know that's not the case. I mean... the toilet water is certainly not fresh, and a glass in the sink would've been sitting there for a day or two sometimes. Maybe the shower and bathtub are fresher, but other than that, I don't think so.

Ah, maybe it's just a cat thang!
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Would you consider getting a DrinkWell? Most cats love this fountain of fresh, clean water!

Sierra has always enjoyed drinking out of my glass ever since she was a tiny baby, and Serenity quickly took to this, too, when she came along. So, instead of having bowls of water set around, Sierra and Serenity have glasses of water, at least one in each room plus the one I'm drinking at the time, changed daily, to keep them nice and fresh.

As a note, please, please, everyone, keep your toilet lid down at all times! Not only is it disgusting for our kitties to drinking from the toilet, it puts them at risk for ingesting chemicals if these are used to clean the toilet, as well as being a drowning risk!
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Defintiely a "cat thang."

Wally had one water bowl, in the kitchen next to his food, for several years. About a year ago, I added two more water bowls- one in the living room, one in the bedroom. He always drinks from those two now. I don't know if it's the different locations, or the bowl shape (the bedroom and living room bowls are wider and flatter), but he loves drinking from them. He's not so much into faucets and sinks, but it's funny that he has an aversion to his "main" water bowl/location.
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Yes, it's very strange indeed...

My cat's do it also, but it's funny to watch them drink from the faucet and from the bath...
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Mt grandmother had a cat named Korrina, who would drink ONLY from the sink... even though he had a bowl of fresh water set out for him everyday, he would never drink from it, instead he would jump on the counter whenever he wanted a drink & meow at the sink for someone to come in and turn it on a trickle for him to drink from. it got to the point where they would leave it on a light trickle constantly so they wouldnt have to turn it on everytime he wanted to drink, & also for when they were sleeping or out. it was so cute to see his lil tongue flicking thru the stream of water.
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