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Did you ever feel that you were blessed by getting your cat?

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I can't imagine, now, not having Butzie with me. She picked me out at the shelter, took one look at our house and decided this was her human and her house. She gives me undying love and I return it to her. She's a special cat. I think that all of us have those special cats.
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YES! both Miagi and Tiger are huge blessings in my life including my pups. I don't know what I would do without them!
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Definitely, I don't know what I'd do without my Popsie. I got him at a shelter as well. He was eight weeks old and I was ten years old. We grew up together and I love him dearly.
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sometimes they drive me nuts,
heyu with her yelling at me, Eazy his always hold me , hold me hold me,

but when you pull in the drive way and they are both sitting in the window waiting on me. Even when i put out there food in the mornings, they both want to be petted first,,

lol waking up with both cats curled up aganist me, heeh it seems worth it then. lol
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Everyday! I love my girls so much and just knowing they are here, even when they are sleeping, gives me great comfort. And I love to fall asleep getting cuddles from each of them.
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I always felt that I was lucky to have my kittys... although I did make an exception yesterday... Jax can't jump, he wanted to get on the counter in the bathroom and I was looking in the mirror... long story short, I know how scratches right down the crevices of my butt... I know TMI!!! But it hurts darnit!
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i feel blessed that Chip reached out to me from Petfinder... i was looking for a blue or orange boy, but his story touched my . i think Mouse guided him to me - & vice-versa!
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Try rescuing two torties, then sometimes you feel cursed - j/k

I couldn't imagine life without my precious girls and it really breaks my heart to think that people just dumped them alongside the road and then they had to spend months of their little lives in tiny cages. I almost cry whenever I think of what they had to go through.

They fill my life with love and entertainment
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Everyday! I love my girls so much and just knowing they are here, even when they are sleeping, gives me great comfort. And I love to fall asleep getting cuddles from each of them.
If I even think of Trout not being around..I get teary She is my heart.
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Yes Yes Yes

I was not completely convinced that it was worth it to drive an hour to get Stanley when there were plenty of rescue groups around here, but now I am so completely in love with him, I think I would drive for days to get another just like him

I would not have gotten Bella if we hadn't come all that way for Stan, so I feel lucky that DH dragged me out there
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every single day. They bring me so much joy.
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Oh yes, I love my cats so much. Sox was such a blessing. A friend of ours found her outside in the yard. They could not keep her and were looking for somewhere for her to live. So, we took her even though we weren't thinking about getting another cat. Wow, has she been amazing. She is the most cuddly kitty and she is always so happy! She is so sweet and makes me so happy!! Before she came, Wesley was always hiding (he is afraid of everything) but now he comes out and he plays with her and cuddles with us. It is so amazing. So, yes, I feel very blessed to have my cats! They bring a lot of joy into my life. I cannot imagen my life without them!
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I couldn't imagine not having these three little monsters waiting for me when I get home at night...They are my family as much as my human family is and bring a great deal of joy into my life.
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Do I feel blessed? You bet I do All my cats give unconditional love But to be loved by my big cats is truly a gift from God
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Sure do! I don't know what I would do without my furry kids. They keep me company and never fail to make me feel special.
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When I went to the rescue place, I prayed I would get the cat who was right for *me*. I had a short list, and Smidge filled all the requirements.

I always believed if they picked you, then they are the right one. About 100 cats rejected me until Smidge was dragged out of a kitty pow-wow smooshed into a dog crate. She was in the back and had no interest until the worker put her in my arms.

I got lucky that Smidge came to live with me.
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Well in a way yes, every relationship i have been in and even as a kid growing up i always was given animals by the SO or my parents but with the exception of my mom, everyone was always mean to my animals to the point that they always ended up disappearing (they would always get dropped off somewhere) I would always be the one crying for days because of lost friends. I love animals and would rescue any animal (doesnt matter what kind it is) if i had the room for them all. I got to the point i didnt really want any animals anymore due to fear they would be mistreated by my mate. Then i met Hammy. A most wonderful man who loves animals as much if not more than me. He decided to get me a kitty and we got Squishy. She is the most sweetest cat you could ask for. Its like she can understand what i tell her. Hammy made a promise to me when we got her that he would never make her go away and he would never be mean to her. Then he got me Smokey. Our new addition. He was a stray so skinny he could barely move. The lady had him two weeks before we got him, and he is becoming a very good and loving boy. I dont know what i would do without the both of them or without my loving Hammy, they are my life
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Most definately. Most people wouldn't give the cats I take in a second glance. I gave them a second chance, & for that they are eternally grateful. No matter how much they cost me, what they destroy or ruin.....I couldn't live without them. Some wouldn't be alive without me.
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Glitch, you dont hear to many stories about parents getting abused but i tell ya girl your getting close to being able to write a short book. LOL i feel so bad for ya always getting beat up by them little furbabies! no more battle wounds
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Absolutely blessed.

I always say it was meant to be. The guy from the shelter called us after we sent in our application, but we weren't home to get the call. When we got home, I called back, and he wanted us to come out that afternoon. We weren't going to go because it was getting late and it was about an hours drive away. DH called them back again to find out what other hours they were open, and they weren't going to be open to the public until the next weekend. Bascially, the shelter guy talked DH into going. We had no intention of getting a cat that night; we were just going to see what the shelter was like and maybe play with the cats a bit. I wanted two cats who were already together and liked each other, and they a set like that. However, one of the cats ran and hid from us, so we really couldn't warm up to them. We were walking around looking in the cages, and they were pretty much all settled into their beds. As we got about 3/4 of the way around, there was Swanie in a big cage on the floor, jumping around, climbing the cage, meowing. It was love at first sight. In the visiting room, he raced around between us and the toys, just enjoying the heck out of the situation. DH & I looked at each other and knew he was coming home with us. Now the problem was finding compatible cat #2, because I wasn't going home with just one cat. It was getting close to when the shelter was supposed to close, and I was getting nervous about finding another cat I wanted. I went around looking at all of them, and none of them grabbed me. Then the counselor said "what about Cynthia?" So I went back over and looked at Cynthia, sleeping in her bed in the back of the cage, and told them to bring her into the visiting room. She immediately flopped over on her side, purred and kneaded when I petted her, and was just a sweetie pie. DH and I looked at each other again, and next thing we knew we had bought a carrier, borrowed another carrier, gotten out a credit card, and were loading cats into the back seat of our car. The counselor said they had had no intention of letting us leave the shelter without a cat!

Swanie immediately unpacked his bags and went looking for supper. Cindy was a harder sell. She lived in my bathroom for a few days, then spent a lot of time under the bed for a few weeks. It also wasn't love at first sight for Cindy where Swanie was concerned. He was interested in stricking up a relationship, but she wanted no part of him. After a couple weeks of wrestling matches and Swanie getting whamed in the head every so often, they're now the best friends and love each other to pieces.

If I had taken the time to read Cindy's "report card," we might not have her. The report on her was that she spent most of her time sleeping in the back of her cage, and just layed in the playroom and didn't play at all. I think she was just depressed and possibly abused somewhere along the line. You wouldn't believe she's the same cat that hid under the bed now, and she's still just as sweet as she can be.

Cindy is DH's little girl, and Swanie is my big boy. But they love both of us and we love both of them. Whereever we are, is where they're likely to be. I can't imagine my life without them in it.
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i have always felt slightly in awe of my cats. the fact that they can be such aloof creatures and yet they trust you enough to show you the vulnerable side of their personality.

i have been honoured to share my life with muffy, tula, fluffy, maisie, thomas, daisy, sinbad, janet and now tabitha, milo and shinobi.

i think it is true unconditional love. (possibly more from our side than theirs though! )
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I adore my girl, Olivia. She chose me when I went to the shelter to drop off some food and blankets. I wasn't intending to bring home a cat that day, but she totally suckered me into taking her home and she has made me laugh ever since. She has found a new playmate in my corgi, Toby. The best part of all is that she has won over my non cat loving DH and she can often be found sitting in his lap and purring away.
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I took my wife down to the local shelter not too long after our old cat Wickett died of cancer, thinking we needed some feline company. She looked at the cats, and Punkin reached through the bars to get her.

He's the nicest cat we've ever had. Calm, gentle, playful, and friendly in his own aloof way. He rode with us in the truck for over 400,000 miles, and he and Sterling keep Dottie company when I'm gone.
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Yes Sometimes
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Not when they're driving DH and I out of our minds at 3am because they think they need food.

I actually think the cats are the truly lucky ones. I wouldn't suffer without them but without DH and I, my boys likely wouldn't be alive. Sho came to us very sick and Tomas was a 10 week old outside with no one to care for him a day or so before a winter storm hit.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Not when they're driving DH and I out of our minds at 3am because they think they need food.

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Absolutely! How could I not, when I have Oliver, who has an instinct for seeking out anyone who's in pain and comforting them, and Rocky, who is as devoted to me as any dog could ever be?
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I honestly think I couldn't live without Quill. He is everything to me.
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