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What's your cat's favorite toy?

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My cats love the Cat Dancer toy!( It's just a simple long wire with cardboard at the end, but for some reason, it turns my cats into obsessed maniacs. They meow at it (that shaky quiet meow) and will jump so high to try and get it! It's just a few bucks, and I fully recommend it!
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Socks will only play with dollar store toys (supervised, because a lot of them aren't made very well!). Her favorite right now is this suction cup thing I put on the floor while I make supper. It has a little mouse on the top for her to bat around. It's special for her because she knows she only gets it when I'm cooking.

Oh, and newspapers of course!
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Hoots favorite toy used to be Q-Tips. Now she into string. Shes easy to please. Binks loves her pistachio nut. She has been batting it around for days and hasent lost it yet. She allso likes anything she can pick up and put in my shoes. I have to shake the toys out before putting them on. Silly girl.

And newspapers too!
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neo has alittle hedgehog that squeks....well the killed if from making noise but him and moemoe love that. He also has a ball that is the same color has his furr that he loves. the both love the mice that make noise. and of corse playing with each other or chasing the light from a flashlight.
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Twinkles- Anything stringy and feathers.

Peppurr- Anything! He loves green toys the most though!He also loves the Cat Charmer and laser light.

Vader- Tinsel wand toys and red things.

Mimi- Everything she can get her paws on!

Majesty- Laser light, feather wands and the Cat Charmer.

Hercules- Everything pink! He loves wand toys that have bells on them.

Rascal- Tinsel wand toys and the laser light.

Xena- Anything yellow! It has to be YELLOW!

Mischief- Sparkle Poms and teh laser light!

Felix- His white mouse filled with catnip!
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Rowdy's favorite toy is Pearl. When the dogs are outside, she likes this rawhide dog chew, about the size and shape of a soda straw.

Opie isn't into toys. Once in a while, he will bat around one of the balls, that I bought them for Christmas.
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eds favorite toy is coco. coco will chase a ball and bat at a toy mouse occasionally.
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Harrythecat: Did you see the "Cat Dancer Complete" - LOL?
I think its an upgrade! I think you get a spare piece of card board.
That toy does looks fun, I am going to order one. Thanks for the lead!!

Here's my list:
• GoGo - String
• Spot - Laser Dot
• Rocko - Nip Knot
• Peanut - String, Laser Dot and Nip Knot.

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The cats that we have like different things. Maximus loves Pigs ears and the other F1 likes the laser pointer and my socks. The Bengal likes chewing large quantities of TP from the bathrooms. Lucky the Tabby likes whatever the other cat's wont

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Ball's only if they make noise!! Any toy with a feather!String!
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Snowball's favorite toys are his interactive pyramid toy and his wand toy.

He has figured out that if he makes scratching motions on the carpet directly in front of the pyramid toy he can turn it on. He loves catching the little plastic strands and just holding them down for a while.
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All of them: Anything that makes noise, after the humans have gone to bed.

Blondie: the plastic loop from milk gallon tops, bottle caps

Max: styrofoam packing peanuts (she brings them to me like they were a "kill", making a very peculiar meow when she does so!)

Pan: plastic pole with feathers and jingle bell at the end, from Petsmart.

Midnight: anything at all with catnip in or on it.

The rest of them don't seem to have particular favorites. They play with one another, too, wrestling, grooming, napping...
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Oh yeah, Hercules loves his cat track! He can't get enough of it!

I have bought over 200 mice, balls etc. And over 20 wand toys in the past 6 months! Ahhh! I AM going cat crazy!
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Spike loves his featherball and turbo racer. He's also into milk rings, but only the thick ones... and THIS week, he's fond of the YELLOW ones. He'll play with pretty much anything you put on top of his cat tree though... especially this little crazy cat stuffed animal that his aunt Jamie (Luv Those Paws) got me for MY birthday, and that he decided was his. If I put that on his cat tree... he gets a bit upset, and must either smack it off, or pick it up by its neck and drop it until it plummets 5 feet off the cattree to its death. That's my boy!
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My cats are crazy about fake mice ; but they go really nuts for their fishing rod and for the famous red dot !!

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My 5 year old female cat, Domino, likes her stuffed cat. It's just a stuffed toy that I gave her when she was a kitten, after she was seperated from the rest of her siblings. She's had it ever since and most of the fur is gone off of it. Gus loves the plastic caps off of the water bottles or pop bottles. He likes to play fetch with them. Homer loves socks. He has a neon green sock and a pink sock that he carries in his mouth all through the apt. I even find them in the water bowl most of the time.
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By-the-way, if you want to make a home made toy for your cats, here's a great idea I came up with. Don't throw away old socks that have holes in them or socks that no longer have a mate. Take the sock without a hole in it, and put catnip down in it. Tie the end on the sock and toss it to your cat. Watch the reaction!! All three of mine go NUTS. My oldest cat, Domino, sucked on it for hours and wouldn't let the other two near it.
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Marbles is an interactive cat, she wants to play with someone, so her favorite toy is the fishing pole with the feather attachment. I think the leather cord attachment is her second favorite.

Trouble is a self-play kind of girl, she loves the furry mice, and the milk-ring like toys that we get at Pet-smart.(She eats real milk rings) If she would stop losing them under our furniture and appliances she would be entertained all day long.
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Ivo likes a ballpoint pen and the plastic pole of her Da Bird (not the feathers, but the pole?). She also likes her sparkle balls and a handmade catnip mouse I bought her in Philly.
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Willie, so far, has only wanted to play with string and cotton balls. While it makes him a 'cheap date', I'm disapointed that he doesn't like the toys I bought him! The only one he likes at all is the mouse on a pole... and only if you get his attention with the string the mouse is attached to!
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Originally posted by Luv Those Paws
Marbles is an interactive cat, she wants to play with someone, so her favorite toy is the fishing pole with the feather attachment.
That was Nakita's favourite toy also. It lasted a whole 2 days before she destroyed it.

She has taken a whole new interest in her scratching post. When she is in ultimate kitty mode, she will jump on the post and climb sideways around the pole. In the mornings, she has become quite the expert on doing front flips off it.

Nakita - the gymnast in training for the 2005 Cat Olympics!

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hi, i'm new =) my kitty that just showed up at my door will not play with any standard things.. I've gotten her an arsonal of toys and all she wants to do is rip garbage bags apart.. she's obsessed w,plastic bags! It freaks me out because I gotta make sure she doesn't suffocate herself.. I'm gonna have to get some of that cat spray stuff to spray on all the plastic bags in my house..

I got her a catnip mouse she plays with a little, so I made her a catnip filled sock, I sewed it together and everything (which is a big deal for me lol) and she just rolled her eyes at it.. GR!
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My Sasha loves glitter balls above all else!

Khan and Razpy both like their cat charmer, which is a multi-colour felt ribbon on a wand. (They dont however seem to appreciate it when Mom dances around the living room with it, pretending that she is a rhythmic gymnast lol.)Razpy also loves to play with q-tips, if he gets his paws on one.

Yuri loves the strips that come off of plastic milk containers when you open them. He likes to play fetch with them, and will often plop one down in front of me to start the game!

His brother Ivan will lay with most things, altho he really likes 'Da Boid', one of those feather things on a rod.
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I just bought one of those little stuffed toys with the crinkly-sounding stuff inside them from Petco. Lilith loves it so much she won't let anyone else play with it! She grabs its head in her mouth and kicks the heck out of it with her back feet....
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