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Pet wipes

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone include pet wipes for bottoms in their grooming routine? Or is this something best avoided? I would like to keep my kitties bottom clean as he's not that great in doing it himself. It's not an issue - but I was just wondering.
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If he's not doing a good job of keeping clean back there, then yeah, you should probably give him a helping hand, as long as he'll allow it without too much fuss. Chances are he'll appreciate it, and so will your carpeting, bedding, etc. Just be careful not to rub too hard or too long, so as not to irritate the area.
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I sometimes have to help in that area too...luckily not so much as she gets older and I have found the food that works best for her so she doesn't have such soft poops.
I just use unscented, gentle baby wipes to clean her and keeping her booty hair trimmed shorter helps too
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Uncented baby wipes are OK? It doesn't sting or irritate? Which brand do you use? That's pretty good. I'll give it a go. Thanks
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I have used them for a while and they've never bothered Zoe. I only use the pet bath wipes when I really wipe her down all over because they're bigger but they also cost more. The first baby wipes I bought were huggies brand just to get the pop up dispenser to put them in. Now I use the Kroger store brand Comforts refills : It says unscented, alcohol free and hypoallergenic.
I figure if we can use them on our bare-bottomed human babies, we can use them on our furry-bottomed ones too!
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