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Where do your kitties go when there's a vacuum? - Page 2

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All except Flowerbelle retreat to the top of one of the many cat trees. Flowerbelle is deaf and missing an eye, so she doesn't usually even see them fleeing - but when she notices, she clearly wonders what the fuss is about!

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Rocky hides as soon as the "vacuum monster" starts up. Oliver sits and watches till it gets close to him, and then he hides.
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martini stands about a foot away from the vacuum cleaner with her back arched. she follows me around like that the entire time i vacuum. then when i turn it off, she attacks it. i've actually seen her trying to bite it.
I caught Oliver stalking, pouncing on, and swatting the vacuum cleaner once.
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The opposite direction....... quickly
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Mia isn't usually around to begin with when I vacuum so I couldn't tell you, but Marble on the other hand is always around bc she's so darn nosy! She'll sit there and watch it go back and forth, if it comes at her, she'll move back a little and watch it go. She's not really afraid of anything.
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I don't really know where mine gone when the vacuum is out. I'm never able to find them until I put it away, and then they come out from; wherever!

The exceptions are Trace (just too stubborn to give in to a vacuum) and Peanut (she's deaf, and seems to be interested in the vibrations it makes)
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Bea looks at me with her mildly annoyed look and goes back to sleep.

Piper and Paige follow it around, curious. My girls aren't really afraid of much.
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The kitty is curious Not scared of the vacuum at all
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Mine are usually nowhere to be found, or scurrying to a new hiding place when you get too close to where they are hidden!

Today, hubby was vacuuming, and when he went by one of our closets, all of a sudden a kitty came shooting out and scared the dickens out of him! Tehehehe...
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