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Geraldine Ferrarro; race in the Primaries

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Geraldine Ferrarro was forced to step down from her position on Hillary Clinton's campaign finance team because of "racial" remarks she made, and then had the audacity not to apologize for.

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,†Ferraro told a California newspaper last week. “And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.â€

She was specifically referring to how the media, in general, does seem to treat him better than Hillary.

IMO, she's right. Until he became a serious candidate, Hillary was the media's darling. No matter which way the Democrats went, they were going to have a minority nominee. I'm not sure why they like Obama more - it could be that he is more liberal than she, it could be that he's male and they don't really have the respect for a female leader that they say they do, or it could be exactly what Geraldine said - they are enamoured with the concept of a black president. I mean, I can think of a few examples off the top of my head where the media (television, movies) have portrayed a black president (24, Deep Impact), but the only one with a woman president that I recall was the doomed series "Commander in Chief" with Geena Davis. And she didn't even get elected to the position.

I don't see anything really wrong with her statement. She also said that she wouldn't have been a VP candidate if her name had been Gerald instead of Geraldine. And frankly, I do think that if Obama was a white man running against Hillary, the treatment of him would have been a lot harsher.

Are we in a climate right now that Obama is almost above reproach because everyone is too scared to be called a racist? Does this mean that if/when he's nominated that McCain will be a racist too by default just because he opposes Obama?

For your reading pleasure...

Ferrarro Quits Clinton Campaign
Like it or not, race looms large in Democratic contest
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I agree...
I haven't been paying too much attention to politics up to this point, but I did see Ferrarro this morning in an interview with Diane Sawyer on GMA. Ferrarro was very angry that her remarks had been taken out of context and that she would be called a racist after campaigning for minority rights for so long. She made a very good argument and was explaining how the remarks were related to what she had been talking about (the conversation that they had been taken out-of-context of) but Sawyer wouldn't let her explain and kept interrupting her and going back and picking apart the earlier repeated pieces of her remarks.

I can usually tell when someone is BSing and she wasn't, she was truely upset and angry that she had been treated that way.

It sounded like the original context of the remarks was a conversation about political campaigns through history and who the media chose or not chose to "support". So, her remarks were appropriate. It would be like a lawyer commenting on media attention to this or that case or an accountant talking about public attention to the stimulus payments, etc. Or, a former-art-major, such as myself, talking about the ethnic features of a work of art.

I agree with Ferrarro that some of the buzz about Obama is due to race, I believe some is also due to his relatively young age, and his good rhetoric. How much media attention would he be getting if he was a white male aged 60? Not much, I think...at least not *as* much. Does admitting that make me a racist? I think not. Now, had she said that he was unfit for office due to his race and/or the ONLY reason that he was succeeding was his race, that might be considered racist by some. But again, this is her profession, so she should be able to give a professional opinion without being told she's a racist and being booted off of the campaigne.

I am not really that impressed with Obama as a candidate... Because he is a black man? No. Because of his lack of experience and lack of detail and real "meat" within his rhetoric (he doesn't say exactly what he wants to do, just that he wants change). That aside, I'm not really impressed with any of the candidates as of yet.

I, for one, am dissappointed with how both of the democratic candidate's campaignes are going so far... They are both being way to touchy on race/sex issues for my taste and for all the talk about only focusing on the "issues" I haven't seen much of that yet.

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no matter how you do it,
if clinton wins, will be because of her being women, not because of her stands.
if she loses , we will be sexist,

if obama wins, will be because he is black, if he loses it will be cause we are racist.
Etc, etc, etc.

i am sick of people saying , i am voting ofr hillary cause she is a women, i am voting for a obama cause he is black... what a joke
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The only thing Geraldine Ferrarro ever did for the Democratic party was help Walter Mondale loose the Presidential election. The only thing I can see here is that she's really jealous of Clinton and Obama. She sees what she really wanted, but couldn't have.
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I agree with her.

I also think that many in this country want a black president so darn bad they are willing to vote for a first-term Senator with NO experience, sad.
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I think one of the reasons the press is not so good to Hillary, is because she is just NOT likable. Obama on the other hand is quite likable, and charismatic. I don't see where Hillary's and Obama's platforms really differ all that much. I just think Hillary is after this for the sheer power of it, and to prove she's better than the men. The press is a LOT nicer to her than I would be.

As far as Ferraro's comments, I don't agree with her, but I don't think she meant it to be racist.
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