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Video of babies

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I'm so much in love with these babies. I heard lots of crying and walked over with my camera and this is what I saw. Ignore the chirping in the background those are my zebra finches. Oh and the one crawling around looking for the nipple is the only little boy in the litter.
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Very cute!
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this is so cute. there was a big boxing match going on and then the poor baby fell down. thank you for sharing this great video with us. i sure made my day. i needed that.
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That is so cute!!
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Aww very cute, I felt so sorry for the little boy, but then a typical man comes to mind
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Haha, that little calico girl has some attitude already! I think she's going to be a handful when she gets bigger.
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I've done the same thing with my rex kittens - yours remind me of my kits

And yes I've put them on a different nipple when they fight and I'm there.
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Thanks for all the comments!
Yeah I think she will have an attitude. She wouldn't let go of that nipple for anything. lol
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how cute. I have dial up so only watched the first few seconds but lol
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The lil cali already has tortitude!!! I felt sorry for the little b/w boy.. he couldn't BUY himself a drink!!!!
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Poor guy really wanted that one nipple.
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So cute! Those kittens look a lot like mine!
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Thanks. They do look kind of like yours. Both our kitties are Calitabbies. Your little one just has alot more white on her.
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I never thought of Rags as a calitabby, but it makes sense. She's mostly white with calico colored patches, but the patches have tabby stripes. When I first saw her I wasn't even sure if I should call her calico.
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I think calitabby is a word I made up hehe. I have also heard tortie tabby and others. Sophie's baby is also a calitabby.
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passing out from the cuteness!
love that black/white with the bar across it's back, btw!
also, Pixel was cheek rubbing the monitor to console the little ones
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aww they are so cute, they were really fighting ha ha!
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