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I haven't posted any pics of my kitties in a long time. Here are a couple from the other day.

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aww they are so cute. and what a size difference the black one looks huge! but I'll bet it's just her long coat right? Very beautiful!
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Well, the black one is quite a hefty kitty! She is about 12 lbs. and has very long fur.

Snuggles is only about 4 lbs ( she is 8 mths. old), and is very slender!
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Awwww! Daniela, your kitties are so cute! (And the black one does look huge next to Snuggles. :tounge2: ) What's the black one's name?
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Wow, Daniela you're right. Trent does look like Sunshine!

Very cute pics.
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very cute, and fluffy too!
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Thanks guys.

The black one is Sunshine, and the white one is Snuggles to answer your question jgaruba. She is temperamental, but still a sweetie. And snuggles, well she is just an active kitten mostly. We are having trouble training her w/ staying off counters and tables.....but other than that she is very sweet too.
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awwwww so cute!!
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That's a pretty original name for a black kitty. They're both sweethearts. :tounge2:
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I love your kitties! Snuggles is a tiny, but beautiful little girl! Sunshine is also very beautiful!
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Your cats are beautiful Daniela!
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