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Outdoor Cat Now In

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What can I do to keep her happy?? She seems so bored.
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Why have you moved an outdoor cat inside? She's going to be extremely unhappy trapped indoors. The best thing to do would be to let her outside again.
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Good for you! I'm a huge proponent of keeping cats indoors. Both of my cats were outdoor-turned-to-indoor - one was 3, the other was 14 when they became indoor only cats.

This is a great opportunity to establish playtime and love time! There are tons of toys you can try to see what your cat likes. My Sammy used to love it when we played with a little plastic ball with catnip and holes for the catnip to come out! I would roll it, he would chase it . . . He also liked the fishing-pole type toys. My cat Bodi preferred stuffed catnip toys and would amuse herself. I would retrieve them from under furniture for her.

I spent lots of time with both Sammy and Bodi on my lap or next to me on the couch petting them or brushing them. I had a different routine - established by the cat, natch - for each cat, but we spent quality love time every day!

If your cat has claws, it's a good time to figure out what kind of scratching pad or post she may like. Both of my cats preferred the disposable corrugated cardboard kind. I would make sure there was fresh catnip on it once a week or so for them to roll around in after scratching.
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An outdoor cat will need some playtime, etc., until she adjusts. But she WILL adjust, and she'll live a lot longer.
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Lots of window views help. Especially if you can place a bird feeder out side the window, not too close, the birds will see the cat. Also, the laser light is a great excercisor. My cats always have time to chase that. Plenty of hugs and kisses, and sweet talk will top it off. She will be fine.
Be careful going in and out with the doors open.
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Originally Posted by sushimama View Post
What can I do to keep her happy?? She seems so bored.
Play with her! My alley used to be a street cat and she still sits by the window a lot and I figure she is remembering her outside days and as soon as I see her doing that I grab a toy and divert her attention. I don't even have to get out of my seat, just shine a laser pen near her and she soon forgets all about what she was looking at.
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