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3 of my ferals are missing...

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Midnight and another of my ferals have disappeared. They have been missing for over a week now. And now it looks like the big gray cat is gone too.
I finally have a drop trap so I can finally catch them and they are not around... Please send prayers that they return. I want to spay/neuter them and end their running around days. The fact that they are not around is making me incredibly nervous as it was around this time last year that we lost several ferals and one of my own cats. ( I am still heartbroken.) It's unbelievable...Midnight drives me crazy bringing me kittens all of the time and then leaving, but now that she is not here I am so upset. She doesn't live here but always makes appearances to eat and yell at me. I really don't want anything happening to any of them.

In any of your experience have your ferals left for a long time only to come back later? I have never had any of them leave this long without stopping in for some food.

Thank you!
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Breeding season has begun. Cats that are not fixed will roam in search of mates. My own feral colony (I have about 14) are mostly fixed but for 2. Those 2 sometimes leave for periods of time, days weeks even. I also have some I haven't seen but they are still around - just not when I am. Why did they stop coming to the food/feeding station at feeding time, I don't know. Just that they did - and the weather has been warmer lately encouraging them to roam... Don't panic. I think they will return. Vibes and good thoughts for you and your ferals. you are an
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When we were trapping in a steady colony (2 1/2 years), we never had a feral disappear and come back, but I know others have.

that "your" ferals come home!

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It's been about 2 weeks and all three still haven't been spotted.
I am very upset over this- it's beginning to look as if someone has taken them. Wouldn't I have at least spotted one around the neighborhood?

It's very disheartening. I really wanted to spay/neuter them...
And I was use to having the two females around. The younger one was afraid of everything and everybody...I don't have room, but I was going to try and socialize her.

Please send some vibes and prayers this way that they show up.

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I sure hope nothing bad happened to them That's something that worries me so much about the outside cats, mean people hurting them. Please let us know if they turn back up.
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Keep putting out food for them in the same place, and if possible, at the same time. If the females wandered and got pregnant, they'll likely be back for food. Even if you don't see them, I'd still hold out hope. They may well turn up with their kittens when they're about 3-4 weeks old.

for a safe return!

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I've had cats go missing for as long as 3 months without coming by, a female. For the males it was mating season, and they dont eat much at that time anyway, so after it was over they came back very hungry and thinner, but soon put the weight back on.

Females may leave for a while (they usually go away longer) if they are about to give birth, or during mating season. Mine left in Winter, but she was probably pregnant at that time around January or February. After 3 months she came back, with kittens.

Keep an eye out for them, they may come by anytime during the day, even at the early hours of 1-4 AM!
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Since your cats are feral, obviously no one could have taken them unless they trapped the cats. Sometimes, if people complain to local animal control about stray cats, an officer will come out to try to trap the cats. Call your local animal control and see if they came out to trap in your neighborhood.

Two of my feral boys, (neutered brothers) used to go on what I called "adventures", when they would be gone for up to 2 weeks at a time. Then they disappeared all together. It was terrible. I thought the worst, and believed I'd never see them again. *9 months later*, I found them hanging around in a wooded area just a long block away from where they formerly lived. Turns out that people 2 blocks from the woods were putting food out for a stray in their yard, and my boys found the food. They'd relocated themselves!!! It was amazing to see them again. It's possible your cats have found another food source too.

I also agree with some of the other things that have been mentioned - since the cats are unneutered and it's mating season, they will roam. I read that an unneutered cat's territory can be 10 acres or more.

You can try making lost cat posters and putting those up on neighboring streets. People don't have to know they're feral - don't even mention that.
Just give a general description. I did this for another pair of ferals who went missing and was able to find them this way.

Good luck - fingers crossed for your kitties safe return.
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Now it's been over a month and still no sightings. My hopes are starting to dwindle a bit. I know since it's the three of them that are not done yet, and only come around part of the time that they could be traveling.

The thing about it that's so strange is that last year six of them disappeared with my cat all at the same time. And I saw and heard nothing! These three disappearing has made my grief fresh again. I really still miss my Tower so much and the thought that somebody may have hurt him just breaks my heart.

Now, this year, same time of year, the three of them have all disappeared at the same time...It's just so odd. I wonder if someone isn't hurting them to get them away...I can't put up posters because someone took most of them down last year when I put them up for my cat and I am sure they will do it again. As you know from past posts, I live in an area where people absolutely hate cats. One of the few days before Midnight disappeared she happened to sit on the neighbor's stoop and he flipped out screaming at her and gave me a dirty look. She just has a mind of her own and thinks that the neighborhood is hers and she can go anywhere she wants. Midnight has never stayed in my yard...I don't even know where she stays! I just know that she always came twice a day to eat and socialize with her children for a little bit. Then she was off.

Anyway, it's been over a month now and my hope is fading. I know since it's the three that weren't done yet, that they could be traveling. I really thought I would see some sign of them though.

Thank you so much for your positive posts. It's possible that maybe they found someone else who's feeding them better! That would be great. I just would like to know. If anyone of the three comes back, it will probably be Midnight. She's a tough little lady! I will keep you posted.
Thanks again!
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Sending prayers and vibes that you discover the whereabouts of your kitties very soon, and calming vibes for yourself. The not knowing is sheer torture But, as the others said, maybe they are getting fed elsewhere; maybe someone comes home on spring break and sets up a feeding station, which could explain the cyclic timing of the disappearances.
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i remember when your other ferals disappeared. i'm so sorry this is happening
again to you. i honesty think one of your neighbors may be trapping them
and maybe bringing them to your local shelter. didn't you say one of your
neighbors last year was complaining about the cats being in her yard ?
i think you could go to your local shelter and ask the manager that if
anyone with an address on your block turns in a cat that you could be
contacted so you could go look to see if its one of your ferals.
in fact i think i just read on another thread where someone else here
is doing exactly that because she just found out her neighbor is catching
them and turning them in.

good luck. prayers sent.
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