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why is my cat peeing on the floor? HELP!

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Ok so here is what is going on. Any advice or opinions are appreciated. thanks in advance.

We have had our female cat since she was a kitten. She will be 2 in July. She has always been a great cat, never really any problems other than her occasional scratching of our couches or carpet. In the past i can think of 3, maybe 4 times she has peed on the floor or somewhere other than her litter box. Each of the times we ruled it as her being mad at us. (example, i was hospitalized for 4 days, and so she was basically left home alone for that time. when i returned from the hospital she had peed in the shower.)

But now she is doing it quite more frequently. In the last week she has done it 5 or 6 times. Every time she pees in one of the 2 bathrooms, on the rug in front of the toilet or sink. she is scratching up the rug, and pulling it apart as well. which makes me think she is just peeing and not "marking her territory" or something. we have yet to catch her in the act, we just find the eveidence later on.

Some things that might be helpful to you to know is that she was just spayed yesterday (and has peed on the carpet once today, but all other times was prior to her being spayed). We recently moved (the beginning of February) to a new construction home. So there have never been any other cats or pets in this home. and the rugs were purchased brand new after we moved in here. There are new people living in the home. My mother in law is living with us. the only other pets in the home are a hamster and a bird (the bird came into the home with my mother in law). The cat goes outside once in a great while (like when we go sit on the porch on warm days) but doesnt stay outside alone. And she is never around other cats.

Im not sure if any of that has to do with her behavior, or not, but i thought it might be useful. We are not sure what to do with the cat, and how to get her to stop. My mother in law is becoming quite irritated with the cats behavior (not that my husband and i enjoy it). but i dont know whats more irritating, the cat or the mother in law. thanks for any help!
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VET! Get her back to the vet first to rule out an infection or some other illness that may be causing her to not use the litter box. I have a problem pee-er too and it's been years. Sometimes it's better than others. The fact that she's trying to burry makes me think (like you) that it is not marking behavior. If the vet rules out illness then it's time to try a few other things. First, I'd get a feliway diffuser. You said you recently moved... she could be stressed out about the new envrionment still or the new people/animals in the house. You can also buy litter or litter additive called cat attract which helps my kitty. How much time with you does she get? Has your interaction with her (playing/petting etc) changed recently? It could be a simple matter of spending more time with her. Really, the reasons and possibly solution are limitless. You might want to search the forums and home page articles for this topic. I has been widely covered here. In fact, you might start with my thread about Frankie's problem as there are several pages of ideas.
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I agree that ruling out a UTI is top priority. Then I would say if she just got spayed was there any type of pattern between her going outside the box & her being in heat? Females will mark if they are in heat.
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I second the vet -

Are you using scented litter, or a covered box? Maybe switch to unscented or an uncovered box - those two things are for people, and some cats object to covers or that smelly scented litter (I personally can't stand the perfumey scented stuff - just imagine what a sensitive cat can smell!).
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thanks so much. I will deffinately check in some other threads, and read yours about your cat. i will also get her to the vet ASAP to rule out a UTI.

She gets alot of attention. We have a 4year old who just adores the cat and the cat just adores her. My husband is also a huge fan of the cat although never being a cat lover in the past. Im a stay at home mom, so other than taking my daughter to school and back home im home all day for the most part. And my husband works evenings, so he is home for the majority of the day as well.

We Do use a covered litter box, but thats something we have used for about a year now. So its not like its been a recent change. Our litter is unscented.

About her being in heat... She was in heat for about 2 weeks prior to us getting her spayed. it was during those 2 weeks that she peed on the rugs. Im trying to think back to previous times shes done it for no apparent reason, but i cannot remember if she was in heat during those times or not. So maybe that was the case, but her scratching up the rugs just seemed to me like it was more of just her peeing rather than her spraying. and then of course her doing it this morning/over night today after being spayed.

Thinking about it now, it seems like she does it at night time/over night while we are sleeping. Do you think its something to do with us being asleep and her roaming around alone? She has toys and what not, (which she doesnt touch for the most part).

Thanks again for the suggestions. i will try all of them!
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Hi my cat (precious) has been peeing on the floor ever since she had her first litter of kittens. I feel like it's stress that causes her to pee, but im extremely scared about it being an infection. I have researched a lot but none of them sound accurate. next month we are taking her to get spayed. My mom had given up on my cat and my cat is now living with my best friend. still peeing around the litter box and on the floor. PLEASE help, I love my cat and don't want to take her to the pound. any info is useful.


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Originally Posted by Hayleigh View Post

but im extremely scared about it being an infection. I have researched a lot but none of them sound accurate. next month we are taking her to get spayed.

thank you,please.gif7.gif

Have you taken her to the vet to see if it actually is an infection? That seems like the best thing to me.

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