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Cali likes the drain hair catchers. Especially the one in the bathtub. She is constantly waking me up by playing with it at night since it's metal and is really loud in a porcelain tub. She also likes, q tips (supervised of course) nail files, nail clippers. Basically anything that she can make noise with I guess. She is the noisiest cat I've ever met.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
In our house, EVERYTHING is capable of becoming a cat toy. Lt. Bear even tries to play with my cactus!
I wholeheartedly agree! Sheba always enjoyed unpotting cactus to play with.

Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Ginger, however, seems to prefer her very own tail to any kind of manmade item.
That's Aristotle. Loves to hang over the back of the kitchen chairs and try to catch his own tail.
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milo loves his airpipe. it's just a 5 inch piece of spare pipe from the fish tank pump with a knot tied in it. he likes me to throw it up the stairs and then he will retrieve it. but since he was tiny he has loved the little plastic covers you get on plugs when you buy a new electrical item. chucks them all over the kitchen floor, including under the oven , and then meows pitifully for one of us to get it out for him.

shinobi will play with most things, my feet under the duvet being his particular favourite. he will wait, crouched on the bed as i get changed, and as soon as i get under the duvet he pounces!

tabitha loves plastic bags. when we bring the shopping home she will get in a bag and wait for the kittens to come and investigate. they fall for it every time and she'll bat their noses!
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Mosi has a thing for make up brushes. If I leave one out anywhere he will find it and run off with it (the brush bit in his mouth). He's totally obsessed. He likes anything plastic too. Anything small and in a plastic bag tends to end up under the bed or in his cat tree.
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This is a great thread! We have three semi-feral kittens and their current favourite toys are balled up pieces of aluminum foil and my underwear! The foil balls we obviously create for them - we have about thirty hidden all over the house now. Paddington likes to bat them to the stairs, throw them down and chase after them. Then he brings them back up to do it all over again.

My underwear is a new one...and a bit strange! I accidentally left a pair on the ground and they took it into their box and all three fought over who got to play with them (they didn't realise I was watching them do this...). Now, they seek them out and pull them out from wherever I have put them after wearing. I have lost some very nice underwear because of this!

They do like their cat toys as well, but they are so easy to keep entertained...
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Abbey used to love a long, red rubber hose.

I taught Sunshine to play with my hand in a garden glove. Now he plays with it on his own. When he wants my hand in it, he picks it up in his mouth, jumps up on my lap, drops the glove in my lap and looks up at me. This was particularly sweet when he was a kitten and he picked up the glove and jumped up on my bed (at least 2 /12 feet high), walked it over and dropped it at my feet.

He also loves to play with the corners of doorways when he tries to get my attention.

Love my kitty.


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Dave loved hair bands.

The pinker and sparklier the better!

He was such a girl!
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