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Cats playing with strange objects

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I am curious how many of you have cats who periodically play with objects or items you would never think a cat would play with? One of my rescues, Charlie, seems fascinated by metal objects; small screwdrivers, metal bookmarks, refrigerator magnets. He seems to have an attraction to metal and he ignores the common cat toys.
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Severino is obsessed with wooden spoons and tongs
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Severino is obsessed with wooden spoons and tongs
So is Benson.
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They're GUYS, they like mechanical things :-)! Whenever anyone's doing some kind of fixit work around here, the males invariably want to help, and figure out what's happening. The females couldn't care less.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
So is Benson.
What the heck
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
ignores the common cat toys.
Although my cats have fun with cat toys, they spend more time playing with paper, cardboard, metal things, brooms, rugs, emery boards, bottles, bra straps , grocery bags ....
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Spaz used to play with poop when she was a kitten
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Ramsay likes to "wrestle" chair legs.
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My boys love milk rings & tops, twisty ties from bread bags & q-tips (all played with under supervision of course )
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Forrest will play with anything that has "Velcro". He's obsessed with it. Also, anything that is on a table top must be batted to the floor. This has happened with far too many cell phones recently.
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We have japanese type hand fans, and Shelly is obsessed with them. He doesn't otherwise tear paper or chew plastic or wood - but he goes nuts trying to bite the fans - whether they're made with wood or plastic - and even if they're just lying there.

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Straws, plastic utinsels, the plastic/paper containers that roll of quarters come in, dice, socks and everything else but their cat toys lmao.
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Popsie doesn't play with any cat toys. He'll play with ear plugs (the kind on a string), emery boards, and basically anything I throw he'll chase after.
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My Sox loves to get the plunger/stopper from the bathroom vanity sink.
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Mine love anything mum brings over, a saw, gardening tools etc. whatever she has they want to take away and play with.
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Lily has a thing for snowglobes, she sometimes tries to fit her mouth around them. She has knocked many off of their "happy home" so we don't have them anymore.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Spaz used to play with poop when she was a kitten
lol, my cat did that too. It was odd, but it turned to horror when he started eating it. We have one that loves plastic milk rings (doesn't eat em thankfully) and one that will bring us socks as a gift.
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Jumping in paper bags, wripping up newspaper and going in and out of cardboard boxes, especially with holes cut in them. Isnt it odd that we love to buy all those fancy toys from the pet shops as it makes us feel good, only to find they love the simplest things. My two, their favourite toy over all the years was baco foil squashed into a small tight ball. Dillon used to actually fetch it and bring it back, like a dog.
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Stumpy and Spanky love to play with the dogs.

Given a chance, Koko will find a way to play with any object in the house. She's obsessed with throw rugs.
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Neely likes to jump in the bathtub and jump out with the strainer that covers the drain so hair doesn't go down. We ended up buying her several of her own to entertain her.
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Snow likes my cell phone.. which now has bite marks on it.. i think she tries to figure out where the sound is coming from.. she also likes to tear up paper towels.. and those thin plastic things that are used to fasten the tags to clothes.. both Audrey and Snow loves those!
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Trout loves to play with tampons and she pulls my bras out of the top drawer and flings them around the room. One time I witnessed her pulling one out all slowly..it was hilarious
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In our house, EVERYTHING is capable of becoming a cat toy. Lt. Bear even tries to play with my cactus!
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Ferris regularly hunts for hair ties (I use the wide black ones with no metal band in it.)

He also loves to play with plastic spoons.

Max prefers plastic knives and forks.

Another "toy" Max seems to enjoy is the strip that is removed from the top of a zip-close bag, for instance, from the top of the pouch of cat treats. He'll go bonkers chasing that around the house.

Max also likes to play with the caps from my roomie's shaving cream cans and toilet paper rolls (of course!) And he takes pens out of the mug I keep them in on my desk - I find them on the floor all the time.

Penny gets a thrill out of the packing peanuts made from cornstarch (which are the only kind I let her play with.)

Ginger, however, seems to prefer her very own tail to any kind of manmade item.
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Here's Gus playing with a drip pan from a planter, and a sock...weirdo!

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Maia plays with whatever is going to get my attention if I am not paying enough to her! Especially the last object I touch and place some where!
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Oh god, we don't buy cat toys anymore for Ysa and Imriel... it'd be pointless, because the house is full of so many potential cat toys already! Chapstick tubes are a huge hit, as are pen caps, wine corks are fabulous, any and all pill bottles (very obnoxious when you wake up in the morning and have to spend 20 minutes wandering around the apartment searching for your morning meds... I've gotten one of those weekly pill things now)... my deodorant went missing a few weeks ago and we still haven't managed to turn that up. Oh, and batteries are a huge hit. Luckily they mostly don't chew on any of them, just bat them around.

Humorously they usually end up losing them under my closet door, which is about an inch off the ground, so I open it every so often to find 3 batteries, 2 tubes of chapstick and a pen cap waiting for me.

Oh and earrings and any other jewelry they can carry off... really the list just goes on and on.
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Mittens hasnt tried to play with anything other than cat toys from what ive observed, except for stuffed animals, which she will carry around. she even has her own stuffed bear, which is her size, & meant as a happy birthday gift.

Monster will play with anything that isnt a cat toy, empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, bags, boxes, stuffed animals(which he carries around), socks which are hunted down & carried around (we call him the sock monster, bc ive lost several pairs of socks bc of him), bfs boxers, his necklace. you kno those six pack soda cardboard boxes? yeah well if u take the last can out & dont throw it away, Monster will try to squeeze himself in there, so all you see is him pushing it around with his head in it tryin to get in lmao! he is rediculous.
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My kitty likes to rip up paper with her mouth, stick her paws in random holes, run around inside plastic bags (not such a good toy), try and play with large books, and likes chewing on our cactus..

She also loves socks, eggs, and her favourite toy of all; her own tail.
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Nothing is strange to a cat.

I remember years ago, one of my grandmother's cats was playing in my dirty laundry... he somehow got one of my bras hooked around him and went flying down the stairs. My grandmother just happened to open the door around that time for another cat and he bolted out him. So there I was chasing the cat around the yard with my bra wrapped around it, a couple of neighbors were out in their yard and two people were walking by.... There was no mistaking what he had on him either. I tackled him in the front yard and untangled him... in front of everyone.

That's not the only bra stealing cat I've encountered either. When I was 10 I stayed with a friend for a week and one morning when we were out collecting eggs we heard her mother yelling from inside the house (I'll not share what she was yelling! lol). One of their cats, an odd female cat, sprung out the window with the mother's light pink bra in her mouth. She ran across the yard and under a little camper trailer they had, adding it to her stash of socks, kid's toys, underwear, and another bra.
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