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any suggestions?

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I'd like to post pictures, but I'm not allowed to. Geocities won't let me... Can anyone suggest a free web-service thing that would let me post and link pictures?
But I must warn one and all: when and if I find somewhere to post, I WILL flood this site with pictures! :tounge2:
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There is a thread around here somewhere where someone says a good host site. I think its imagestation.com or something like that. Maybe whoever posted it can jump in here and help out!!!
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Yup Daniela, it's www.imagestation.com that is still free and allows remote linking. It's really easy to set up an account, and real easy to link. I highly recommend it!
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alrighty, let's try this! Let me know if it works!
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i upgraded my geocites account to the 4.95 a month one so i could use it...then i decided to do a business website so i had to upgrade again :LOL:
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If you right click on your pics and open each in a new window, you can link to them and post them using the IMG tags here.

Like this:

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awwww that is such a cute kitty.
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Like this?
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Oh what gorgeous plump babies!! lol, and shiney no less!
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oh my they look so wonderful!!!
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oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy it works! lol

let's try this one:
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what gorgeous kitties. they look like dolls cuddled up in that basket!
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What kind of dog is that, a smooth coated collie mix?
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female 5 yr old beagle-collie mix. (got the brains of the beagle and the looks of the collie! :LOL: ). That picture is unusual because normally, Dixie doesn't tolerate Elmo that close to her. She's not mean at all, just prefers to keep her distance. Maybe because he keeps attacking her tail whenever he can?
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Well at least I was right about the collie part. Man I can't even think of the word Beagle now with out getting a little upset. =p
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:LOL: why? Because of what I said? I don't mean it literally. Just that she (the dog) can get a little stubborn sometimes (which is a trait that beagles are famous for). I've never met a dog as sweet as Dixie is (and remember I'm a groomer!) and wouldn't trade her for the world. she's my big baby!
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What cute pics! I love the one of the Elmo sleeping next to Dixie. Glad you got it to work!
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Those are great pictures! I love the picture of Dixie and Elmo... Elmo looks so tiny compared to Dixie, and I guess he is. And the picture with your two kitties together looking up at you... Awwww!
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