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Cat vigorously resists ringworm lotion

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My two cats got ringworm, confirmed by the vet. Their medication consists of a shampoo twice a week and an anti-fungal lotion twice daily. One cat doesnt mind but the other puts a fierce fight and is impossible for me to apply it without help. Worse, this cat now abhors me. It runs away when I even approach it. This after only 2 days and I have to do this for 3 weeks!

Any suggestions on how to go about this? What will happen after three weeks of this twice daily trauma inflicted upon her, will she ever trust me again?
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There is a pill for that, you don't need to go through all that. ASk the vet, or call another.
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Thanks for the reply, the vet had also given me pills which I have to grind and mix into their food. I guess he wanted to make sure that they're absolutely cured one way or another. The cats dont seem to like their food after mixing in the pills so this may not be consistent to be a sure cure. The alternative is to force the small quarter tablets down their mouths. Is that a good idea?
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I know that you said that they don't seem to like their food when the pills are ground down. But a lot of people seem to have success with giving pills to cats by using Pill Pockets (treats with a hollow center where a pill is inserted) or Flavor-Doh (pretty much the same thing). Not sure how well this would work for your cats. On the one hand, they'd likely enjoy the taste of the treats more than their regular food. On the other hand, the pills are being administered whole, which could make them taste worse. Still, it might be worth a shot.
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Thanks. Doubt if I can find Pill Pockets where I am (not in the U.S.) but will ask around. In the meantime I hope the cats will just give in to hunger and eat their med-laced food.
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The pills are what is going to get rid of the fungus, the baths are just going to control it until the meds work. If you have to force them, you must do so. There are pill adminsiter devices, I've seen them on web sites. It is essential they get the meds. You have to treat the house as well. You can locate fungus with a blacklight. You need to see if it is on rugs and furniture, and they must be treated as well. Cats get ringworm when they are outdoors, so perhaps it is on your property?

I had a cat that had ringworm, and gave it to his brother, plus they both had felline leukemia. The info I read, was that since their immune system was compromised from the leukemia, they got the ringworm. Are you sure your cats do not have any immune deficiency ailments? Did the vet do a blood test? Are they showing any other signs of illness, not eating, lethargic, diarea?
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my cat has ringworm, and from doing research and talking to my vet, she said that topicals do not work on cats. (confirmed info by three other vets). my boy has had ringworm for 15 weeks now, probably even more than that, i got him from a breeder. he is on griseofulvin, and was on itraconozole before that.... hopefully this is the last couple weeks!
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Fulvicin (griseofulvin) is well known for causing kidney damage. You need to make sure after using it you run a full blood panel......I've seen cats die of kidney damage caused by Fulvicin.
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I have a persian that is a carrier and I have battled ringworm on and off with him for years. Not certain what type of topical you are referring to, but I know first hand that the "Lym Sulphur Dips" get rid of the stuff. When he first got it I tried everything and the Lym Sulphur was the only thing that worked. Unlike the baths, you pour the solution over the cat and let it dry on them. You don't rinse it off. I swear by it, and I had a really bad case of it in my house.
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