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neutered male?

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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been here - hope all is well!

Well, as you all know, my 2-3yr old kitty came from a shelter about 8 months ago and was neutered while he was there. However, a few months ago I noticed, during one of his massage/purring moments, he would start to get a little over excited on his blanket. It looked as if he was air humping it.

It got a little worst when we replaced his sleeping blanket with one of those luxury soft ones; he really gets into his massage/purring - I even saw his little thing come out!!! I'm really sorry about the graphic nature of this post but when I saw him trying to hump his new feather toy I started to worry.

He's an indoor cat and lives alone - so he has no contact with any female cats. According to his files from the shelter he was neutered on the premises. Is this normal, can male cats still want to procreate even after the snip?
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Yes, Charlie was done at 3 months old and still does that when he's really content and happy. Its normal.
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Lots of cats do it... either with blankets, toys or even (as I had to deal with) your arm/hand, etc. They don't know they've been fixed, and still have the instincts, and as long as it isn't messing up something you care about, does it really matter?
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Thanks for the replies. I'm glad it's normal and nothing to worry about. I've never owned a male cat before, only females - and they sure are different! My poor little man
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