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Daily Thread HUMP day March 12th!

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Good morning my friends!

Welp, its mild here today thank goodness! I REALLY hope we are done with the snow...but yeah right eh?

Not much on for today. Off to work, then will go visit my mom afterward at my sisters place.

I had a late appointment at work last night and got home around 9:30pm, so I can't wait to get to the gym again tomorrow. I am feelin flabby already

Anyway, you all have a good one!
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I called in sick today My head feels like it's in a vice and I have pain all down one side of my face. My sinuses on my left side are completely stuffed, so it feels like I've got a couple of bricks attatched to my nose and my left eye is being squeezed...... Waaaaaagh!!
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I have Girl Scout cookies so the gym is a MUST this week

B doesn't know that I kept 2 boxes at he thinks we have 7 this year.

It looks cloudy out, temp unknown.
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Morning! It's blowing a gale again here

Going to pack my case this evening for the weekend then it's done. I might do a bit shopping on the way home as well?.
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Im not stepping foot outside with todays weather. I have some cleaning to do. My website is undergoing big changes and upgrades. So i have that to take care of. I also need to get into town and collect my new distance glasses lol
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The day is starting sunny and milder than it has been recently (its 19F/-17C). Got up to 41 yesterday!!! But we may get a spot of snow tonite-less than one inch though.

Got some items in the wash so they are clean and can get packed up for our trip. Running some errands today for the trip too, road food, cash, stuff my sister wants to bring etc....

I did walk outside late yesterday afternoon after the wind finally died down, I'll see what today brings!!

Thats about all for today................
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Morning All!!

Mild here today but we got another couple of inches of snow last night so I guess I will be doing a little clean-up later.

Off work today, not planning on doing to much just puttering around the house and resting a bit.

My ear infection is improving slowly but it has left me very tired and the antibiotics don't completely agree with my stomach so I feel a little nauseated from them.

The kitties are good, been playing all morning. They actually let me sleep a while longer this morning which was nice of them..

Everyone have a good day
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Well, Wed is the day I go to swimming and hip hop. Today we will be working on the fly so I think I will be taking an afternoon nap.

It's going to be in the high 60's today (20 C) but cloudy. Showers tonight through Sat.

Making Thumper for dinner I am making "Roast Rabbit with Mustard Crust," a Jacques Peppin recipe from his cookbook I reviewed.
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I am doing lots and lots of laundry today. I am going to be gone on the weekend so I need to do it during the week and today is my only day off.

3 more days until Niagara Falls. I am excited. We got a great deal on the hotel. We got a hotel room with a king size bed and jaccuzi for $77 and the room is regular $139.
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Tons of laundry for me too. The kitties seemed to have scattered so I am expecting a storm later.
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hey all! hope your all having a good day hehe, mine's been pretty boring! am looking forward to tomorrow though, as am getting a new wheelchair! hooray! had the one i've got for year's now. anyway, as for the rest of today, i'll be watching Torchwood
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