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We have a problem

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Hi, we have recently moved into our current house (about 3 months ago), the cats were previously house cats but have now started venturing into the garden.

They had been the garden using to do there business for about 3 or 4 weeks now, but one or both of them, we don't know has started pooping at the opposit end of the hall way from there catflap, which they use all the time. I must add that this is right near there food and water (within about 50cm). As far as we can tell there is nothing wrong with the boys physically, mentally(sp) or health wise.

When we took the litter box away they still carried on using the garden to do there business.

Can anyone make any suggestions as what we can do to discourage this behaviour?
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They had a litter box, but you took it away when they started going outdoors? I think I see the problem....
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It stayed untill they stopped using it for about a week maybe a 10 days. We did put soil from the outside into it but they just ignored it and went outside anyway.

We started by using a mix of soil and there usual litter.
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Maybe one of them got scared or interupted when doing it outside so now is afraid to go outside? Is it possible to put a box where they are pooping, then perhaps move it outside.

I know my sister had a litter tray in the garden for a while when her cats were allowed out.
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The problem is they are doing right in the middle of our main walkway, near the main entrance door

Even when we had the litter box only one of them would use it regularly, the other used to go to the back door.

We did try using 2 litter boxes but had the same problem.

We can't put a box by the back door atm as the dog has access to that part of the hallway during the day when we are in.

edit to add, the dog doesn't have any access to the cats when we are not around, she has a crate and is happy to sleep in it when necessary.
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There is also a stair gate so they can get away from her if they want to, and so they can eat in peace. We still have the cat litter so can try again with it indoors. Will keep using the soil so it will be easier to work them into being outside again.
Or maybe leave the covered tray outside so that they are secure when doing their business. I think it is one particular cat who I have caught in the past doing it, funnily enough the same one who ventured out and started using the garden first himself too. (Banana)

Mister was less forward but at the same time is more laid back and is also the first one to accept the dog. Funny how things work out sometimes.
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Have you checked with your vet? Could it be medical? Often, if a cat experiences discomfort when they urinate or defecate they'll go outside of their usual spot. Is there anything different about the poop like is it really dry or unusually soft?
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As far as there health, nothing seems to have changed, the poop is the same consistancy as it has always been. The problem is we don't know which of the two are actually doing it, as it does appear to only be one of them, as far as we can tell.
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They have done it 2 times in the last week but not at all before that since going outside themselves.

The first time, we were seeing if they could cope with the dog having her crate door open in the night as they were doing so well with having her around. As we found out, they were not ready for that yet, so have not left the door open again since.
She does roam in the day, but they do go past her and go outside then even it it means stepping over her oversized paws to get there.

Going to the store later to see if I can find a good detergent for the carpet that will remove the smell better so they aren't tempted by that.

Other than that, they are good boys.
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Originally Posted by chelly View Post

Other than that, they are good boys.


they are pains in the backsides... but we wouldn't have them any other way... they are also the laziest cats I have ever seen!
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