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Pen for Breeding Queen & Kittens

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Hi Everyone

Im new to this site and I am a new breeder - so hello everyone!!

I recently spoke to a breeder who told me about pen enclosures for breeding queens and her kittens.
I was also told about cages for indoor cats so that they didnt escape in summer when we have the windows and doors open for fresh air (plus i have 2 other moggies, not pedigree, that do go out).
Does anyone know where I can get these from and I have searched on the internet but am probably using the wrong terminology????

Thanks for your help!
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Welcome to the site

I know many breeders use extra large dog crates like this Try googling wire dog crate.

Good luck with your first litter, what breed do you have?
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Thanks for the info - i am in the UK tho and will cost me a fortune to get them shipped across.
But if i were to buy a wire cage for dogs - would the kittens not be able to squeeze through the gaps in the wire?
We have a dog cage for our german shepherd and one of my cats once squeezed herself out of the gap! lol

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Hi - sorry i missed your question lol

I will be breeding the beautiful & elegant Burmese :@)
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Try this company. They have very good products and excellent customer service.
I purchased my show cages from them.
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Brilliant thanks!! And they ship to the UK :@)
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If you are in the US here's the type of cage I was using. Its wonderful. Not sure if they ship overseas or you could look for something similar.

Its the 4th one on the page - the tall one about 4 feet high.

Do a search "cat cages" and see what you can find.

I found this in UK - would this work?

Here's a warehouse that might be near you

The pen you want
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Sorry Missy - i just realised that even though your was also a US sites, that they too ship to the UK.

Thanks guys - im a very happy bunny now!
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Found some more info - and edited my post for you - bet you can get it at the warehouse I posted
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