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Help!! First Business Trip After Cat!

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Hi everyone, KatKat here.

I have a delima. I live in west Los Angeles around the UCLA/Santa Monica area and I have a VERY shy, deaf two-year-old cat. I adopted her right off the street where she was a feral almost two years ago. Ever since we had her, my husband and I have never both been out of town at the same time. She is extremely shy and VERY clingy. Since we both work at home, that's just perfect. However, once a year, we have a business convention to attend in April and this year we are both needed there. It's all the way in New York and lasts four days!! I am absolutely worried sick about what to do with my cat. She has never been left alone for more than a few hours since she was adopted and she has all kinds of abandonment issues. Every time she wakes up from a nap, she meows until one of us comes to her. Also, I don't really trust our well-intentioned but ultimately cat-clueless friends to come over and feed her. She needs much more attention then that!

Can anyone help me with how to make sure this special-needs cat will be okay during the time her parents are gone? I've been looking into cat-sitters, but honestly have no clue how they work or how good they are. Any recommendations or help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Kat-love to all!
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First, what good parents you guys are! And I'm sure someone with more experience will be along, but I'd first talk with my vet and see if they have any recommendations regarding a cat sitter (assuming you like and trust your vet!) Sometimes the vet techs will do cat sitting jobs on the side, or they may suggest other sitters. Then I'd start interviewing now to see who you're comfortable with, and to get on their schedules. The sitter should be available to talk with you, in your home as you prefer, and have proof of insurance etc.

Usually it's best to get someone to come to your home once or twice a day - my friends have a sitter they've used while on two-week vacations over the years. They actually had the person they selected come over a few times while they were home just to introduce them to the cats - said it was worth the cost. The sitter kept a journal of daily activity, etc., played with the cats, fed them, cleaned the boxes, etc. and also brought in the papers and some other minor household items, such as turning lights on and off. I believe in my neck of the woods it's about $10-20 per day. My friends said it was worth every penny to them.

Oh, you might also want leave a letter of authorization with your vet, inculding payment authorization, should your sitter feel it's necessary to bring your cat in for any reason.

Good luck, and again, bless you for taking such good care of your special needs baby.
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Good for you with your baby! I am always terrified leaving mine and I can see why it would be even harder for you.

Do any of your friends/family have a responsible teenager looking to make some extra cash?? I used to babyshit neighbours dogs/cats while they were away when I was in my early teens. I went twice a day for half an hour, fed them etc. and they usually gave me $100 bucks or so.

Might be worth it?
Just make sure you leave some shirts and things that you wore that week so your kitty can smell you....leave TONS of water just incase somebody misses a day or something and your cat will likely sleep it away....

Good luck!
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Oh! I always get worried sick when I leave Memphis and Lily just for a night, you must be so stressed!
I wouldn't trust just anyone to do the job, personally... Unless they were a work experience student at the vet, or a nurse, or something like that - definitely not just someone looking for some extra cash.

I think I would look on some dog-sitting sites. Often dog lovers are cat lovers too! You might find someone who's willing to live in your house (of course if you're willing to have them live in your house) so that the cat has some all-the-time attention.

As long as you make sure that she's well fed and watered, and litter is changed regularly, and she DEFINITELY can't get out, then he probably won't like it... but when you get back, she'll be happy!
Make sure that she definitely can't get out though, because she'll be confused, and she might want to get out to find you...

I hope it works out for you and your special little girl!
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