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def leppard

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i'm finally going to see def leppard in concert on april 27th. my husband didn't want to go so i'm going with a girlfriend. they're one of the few bands that don't have a single song that i dislike. there's some i like better than others
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I saw them live nearly 14 years ago... doesn't seem that long. Can't say I'm that much of a fan, I don't mind On Through The Night though.

Have fun.
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Have a good time. I think I saw them last when they did the tour for the Hysteria album. I love their older stuff.
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You don´t Have Idea how I envy you my friend!...
I´m fan of they!!
please bring us some pic´s about it!!
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Def Leppard is awesome! Enjoy the concert in April!!
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I saw them about 5 years ago. It was great! Have a wonderful time.
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I am seeing them April 16th here..woohoo!
they came a couple of years ago..but I didn't have the money then...
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That would be such fun! Congrats
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omg take me with you! i've been a fan of them since i was 11 years old.
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I saw them a few years back and they were fantastic! I love their music!
I've been a fan since I was in my 20's (back in the day!) I still listen to them on my way to work, on occasion. ( it only takes me 5 minutes to get there so I don't get all that much time to listen to anything! )

Have great fun! get lots of pics!!
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