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How Long?

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Ok, so my Cleo is expecting and I have no idea when she was bred. She's obviously past 3 weeks because her nipples are large and pink, and she is obviously showing. She originally weighed 3.2kgs before she was pregnant and now she is at 3.9. In the last week alone she has put on 300g. At this rate when should I expect babies?

She has always been a small skinny cat (even though we feed her heaps and we HAVE wormed her). It's so funny seeing her with a big belly and waddling around!
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Cats are pregnant on average 63-68 days. Do you have an approximate mating time? They show at 3-4 weeks, so you could have another 5 or 6 weeks.
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Just remember to keep her indoors and away from unneutered males so this doesn't happen again! She can be spayed when the kittens are around 8 weeks and the best part is that the kittens can also!
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Hi Carlz!
I brought in a pregnant stray one month ago and she gave birth today. So she must have been at about 5 weeks when I brought her in, but I thought at the time that she was due any day! She was very large, but got much larger. She ended up having 6 kittens. It's hard to guess from the size how far along they are. I guess a vet is the only one who could give you an accurate idea. I didn't take Rags to the vet because I didn't want to stress her and I thought that she was very close the whole time I had her. It was like "any day now!" for a month! Good luck on the little ones!!
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Howww long nooww? *whiney voice*

I am so impatient! I just want the babies!
So now Cleo weighs an enormous 4.3kgs! She has put on another 300grams this week and I can feel the kittens moving and can see them moving through her fur. She has done nothing but sleep and eat yesterday and today. When should I be expecting a delivery?
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She should have less then 2 weeks to go then.
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Usually by the 6-7 week you can see and feel the kittens moving, so won't be long now. I'd confine her to one room or a kennel/cage in another week so she can get used to where you want the kittens born - not where SHE wants them born
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So this morning I woke up to Cleo calling out to me. So I ran out and found her in the laundry heaving. She vomited. It was liquid.

Now is a few hours later and she is acting really odd. She laid down and I feel SO much movement in her belly. I got really worried when she starting shaking! If she is going to have her babies soon is it normal for cats to shake beforehand? Is she nervous? It is her first litter. I'm in Australia and it's 2pm on Easter Sunday, but luckily my stepfather works at the Vets nearby (not as a vet though). I just want her to be ok!!
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Usually about two days before giving birth your cat's mammary glands will increase in size and she will begin producing milk. Your cat's temperature will decrease to about 99 degrees F and you may notice a drop in her appetite. (not all cats stop eating) She may become restless and begin nesting in earnest. She may follow you around and become very affectionate or pace from room to room. Other signs are that she may begin purring, meowing, panting, licking her genitals and she may vomit. You may notice a vaginal discharge and eventually contractions. Not all signs apply to all cats.

Hoppy Day!!! Maybe you will have some Easter Kitties!!!
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