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hi im new, but have questions about my pregnant cat

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just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect with my pregnant cat she is or should be ready to deliver. just wondering if there is any signs i should watch for? thanks angelfire1976
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Welcome to the site Angelfire!

I'm going to move your question to the Health and Nutrition forum where our resident experts can help you out.
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I found this information at Foothill Felines Bengals.

Each female cat, or "queen", is different, and even the same queen can have different experiences with each litter. How her labor will go will depend upon many factors, including her age, health, genetics, how many kittens she is carrying, the size and placement of the kittens in her womb, if this is her first litter, etc. etc. Some queens will become more agitated and restless when they are in early labor; some will have a slight mucous-y vaginal discharge; and you may also notice her trying to wash and clean her genital area more frequently. Once labor begins in earnest, signs will usually include nervousness and panting. The queen will often lose interest in food the last 24 hours or so before labor begins. She will also usually have a drop in rectal temperature below 100ºF (37.8ºC). The temperature drop may occur intermittently for several days prior to delivery, but it will usually be constant for the last 24 hours. When labor starts, some queens will go straight to their nest box and burrow down inside the towels; some will cry and want to stay by your side. Some queens seem to have relatively easy labors, while others really hurt and scream each time a kitten is born. When you can actually see your queen trying to "push" out a kitten, you will know for certain she is having contractions and is in "hard labor". Total time in labor can vary from several hours to 24 hours or more, with the mother cat normally having some breaks and rest from labor in between kittens.

Keep us updated!
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You also want to be sure that she has a deep birthing box that is someplace dark, warm and quiet. Fill the box with soft rags or blankets, making sure the cloth is solid and not torn or has frayed edges etc.

Right before she is ready to give birth, she will stop eating, she will start yowling and pacing, and nesting (hopefully in the birthing box) but sometimes not. I have had kittens born under the bed, in my sock drawer, in the shower- and sometimes, if I am lucky, the rescued feral gives birth in the birthing cupboard.

Have your vets phone number handy when she starts labor and call him at the first sign of trouble.
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Main signs : watch her looking to "nest" as in going in the closets and scatching , mostly around newspaper . But when they are ready to deliver, it's like humans.....Gotta go when the urge hits . And also she'll stay very close to you and talk a lot .

I hope I helped somewhat , I'm sick and am rather tired.

Take care

Rebecca P.
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