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So my mom found the number to the Lady at the Shelter where we got Spooks, Pinky and Boots from... so she figured shed call her and update her on the cats, Pinky's Behavioral Improvements and get an email to send her pics.
Well she gets on the phone and Updates the Lady ((I forgot her name)) and then when they were about to get off the phone the Lady was like "Hey, you know we have a lot of Dogs being put to Sleep here" and my mom was like "well we cant do anything till we move in July" and then the Lady was like "Ok great! ive got Dogs to be Fostered all lined up for you in July and ill call you then!!" and they hung up without another word....
My mom looks at me and says "We're gonna need a Big Place!"
OMGosh if you were there you'd of just died at the look on her face!!!
Fostering Dogs!!! she couldnt even Foster 3 Cats! how is she gonna make it through Dogs!!!
So.. my moms looking into having my Aunt buy a house then Buying it off her ((Credit Issues))... and there looking for a Nice House with a BIG yard!!!
My moms such a Push Over.