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Question about mom cat hissing

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My cat Dakota has started hissing as we go into the room.. then once she finds out it is us... she is okay... but she is not meowing a lot ... and lying outside the box watching the kittens...

Should I be concerned... or is she just overly protective of her babies..

I will not go in the room anymore if that is the case... but she seems fine once she realizes it is us...

It just started.. Is it because I touched one of her babies? I have only touched 2 of them.. and it was not even for a minute each....

I am just concerned of why she is sitting out of the box now.. opposed from lying with them like she was before...

Is she in pain ?

I am so confused and scared


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You can't expect her to sit with them at all times, she needs her breaks too, especially if they are sleeping! She also has to get up and eat and go to the bathroom.

She is probably just being protective and that is why she is hissy at first. I wouldn't handle them unless you are sitting there with her, petting her first, maybe giving treats and then go for the babies. If you run in and try to grab the babies she might freak out. I think it is very important to handle them though so they get used to it right from the beginning.
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Well if she's anything like a human she needs to take breaks from the kids!! Ive been known to lock myself in the bathroom for a while! If she is still feeding them I would think she's just an overprotective mother but please let us know! K?
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What I've found is a lot of kitty moms do this, especially if they're new moms, had their kitties in a room that doesn't normally get a ton of traffic or of course, nervous moms. We've had to deal with feral cats giving birth, along with the sorta friendly ones and even the very friendly ones.

One thing I do is announce my presence way before I approach where she is. I click my tongue, make kiss noises. Sometimes the mom will get up and check me out to make sure, or she'll stay put but stare. If she's hissing and growling, allow her to become comfortable with you being in her space with the kittens. Generally they relax after a few moments. Just sit in the room with her, talk and make noises to her constantly, especially if she looks at you. If shes your pet, she should let you get close enough to at least be within reach of the babies. You might have to do it several days at a time, just repeating. Pet her while she's laying with the babes, sneak a touch at the babes once in a while to see how mommy reacts. The more comfortable she is with you touching her while shes with her kittens, the more likely it is she'll at least let you stroke them. But if you stroke them and she gives you "the look" just reassure her, perhaps back off a bit.. She should let you be with her and them in time though.

Whew..winded response. But nervous mommies can become angry mommies quickly. Good luck with it, luckily this works for me 90% of the time and it makes the kittens, along with the mom, more friendly.

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Thanks you do much..

That was great.. I needed that reassurance..

She seems to be okay with me now... I have been announcing before I enter... and she seems to be okay with my husband and I coming in now.. She does not like our other animals anywhere near the door though.. even if she smells them outside the door she will attack the door.. She is very protective... and loves her babies...

We had her set up in my stepson's room as he was only here every other weekend... well now that his weekend is approaching I guess we are going to have to move him out of there.. as I do not think I should move them... or have him in there..

Even when i go in to feed her.. she comes out and leans in for a rub.. but the moment that her babies start crying she runs back in... even if she has only take 1 bit... so sometimes i find myself bringing the food to her.. right in the box .. or else she will not eat..

Is this normal too?

I never thought my Dakota would be such a protective mom.. she does not even like her brothers anymore.. she hisses at them...

I hope once they get bigger she will not be so protective!!! I would like to socialize the kittens when they are bigger!

Wow.. I think my post beat yours!! lol

Thanks so much for everything guys.. I was really worried

Take Care
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She should have high quality kitten food available to her at all times. Free feeding. That way when the kittens get a little bigger she will show them how to eat with her.
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Don't worry Jade, my momcat is behaving pretty much the same way. It's normal, as far as I can tell. They are extremely protective at first.
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