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I'm wondering if, in the wake of the pet food contamination issues, Natural Balance have changed their formula?

My cat has been on the NB reduced calorie dry formula for over 2 years now - it takes her ages to get through a big bag, so I've only recently needed to buy her a new bag. Since day one of the new bag, she has been producing the most horrible smelling poo (sorry!)

I thought it might just be because the new lot was fresher and she needed a little re-adjustment but the poos have remained incredibly smelly and pungent for a week now.

Has anyone else experienced this - she really thrives on NB - gobbles it up and has a lovely glossy coat but maybe I need to switch her to something else! She's even started pooing late at night, so I'm there to remove it - I think the smell disturbs her too!

Thanks for any thoughts!