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I am ready to add to the family

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I am a new (cat) mom. We have had Carmello since the new year. Everything is going very well with both Mel and my family (my bf and self). I however am ready to get another cat already. I just think it would be nice for Mel to have someone else to play with when we don't want to play. Mel gets play time during the day with my guy as he works from home. Carmello is rarely left home alone and when he is it isn't for very long ( my guy will walk out the door and 30-45 min. later I come in).

Carmello is a well mannered soul. He follows directions if you say it like you mean it and even talks back as he walks away. He is friendly, and pushy when it comes to his head rubs. He uses his litter and eats just fine too.
I would not be completely honest if I didn't add that Carmello is in LOVE with my bf. Follows him around talks to him stands outside the door. and when he comes home late at night cries loudly as if to say "I can hear you downstairs!! welcome home!" While on the other hand with me I am only good for the head rub and food. When my guy is not home I don't even see the cat!

I dont want to do a his cat my cat kinda thing, in all fairness the new cat may not like me as much either. I was just kinda hoping to get a friend out of the deal.
How long shoud I wait to get a new cat? got any other qustions or input?

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If your boyfriend and you are ready for the responsibility of another cat - ie, vet costs, properly introducing your cats, have space, stable relationship - then go for it. Treat the decision as you would if your were adopting a human child and make plans that if your relationship does break up - who will get the new cat.

Your cat sounds like he is fairly social and boy cats usually accept another cat easier than an established girl cat. Will you be looking to adopt from a shelter or rescue? I suggest a kitten that's already a few months old (5-8 months) or even a young cat.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Will you be looking to adopt from a shelter or rescue?
yes the new cat will be from a shelter or rescue
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I'm sure they'll cover all the questions and requirements in the application. Since you've only had Carmello a few months he'll probably accept a new cat easily.

Look over the introduction tips in this section and good luck! Don't forget to come back and share some pictures of Carmello and your new kitty if you choose to get one.
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I had a similar situation-- i have a very social male cat-he's 2 now- and when me and my boyfriend were at work he was left alone. i babie dhim and he loves me. my bf was a little jealous and wanted a cat for himself-- and so we rescued a kitten and brought her home. well his plan didn't work bc the new kitten adores my male cat-- she doesn't even really like me that much-- she tolerates us and will hang out but if she does not see my male cat she will walk around the apartment and cry looking for him. that being said, getting another cat was the best thing i did. i don't feel guilty about leaving the cats alone since they have each other and my male cat still loves me and acts the same. so my advice is to get a second cat.
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