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Help with advices! 5 days old orphans

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Hi! I have 2 orphan kittens, 5th day, tiny and one is quite weak. They arrived just 3 hours ago, from rescue center. I read all the basic links, have formula to feed them, they are sleeping in box now on the heat pad

Our spayed shorthair girl licked them after their first meal here, at our home, but how long it must last? The licking? To be sure that the tummies are getting enough stimulation? (And it looks for me like one kitten already is having hernia)

Our "step mother" did it only for few minutes, and then was sitting under they fall asleep and then left. Now they are sleeping nearly 2 hours calm (maybe my fault, overfed them for the first time, one swallowed nearly 10 miligrams until I realized what amount he had sucked in at one swallow)
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1. You can stimulate a kitten yourself. Use a warm washcloth on their backsides.

2. You have probably read, but do not hold a kitten on it's back when you are feeding it. Hold then as if they were nursing on their momma.

You sound like you are doing a good job. It is very hard work raising kittens that young and statistics are against you, but it can be done! and is very rewarding.

One thing I would suggest is to call the local shelters or rescue centers and ask them if they have any lactating mothers. The kittens will have to go to the mom, but if the mom will accept the kittens they will have a good chance of making it.

Good luck with your babes - they are adorable.
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Kittens already come from our rescue center - there were 5, I took 2, other lady - 3. If we should be able to find a nursing mother, it would be so much better, but now I can only relay on my spayed kitty - but she at least tries to help a bit. So how long that tummy stimulation must last for each baby?
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I thought I read that you got them from rescue. I guess I was hoping that a momma cat would be available...

Another point to remember is never to feed a kitten when they are cold as they can not digest their food.

A one week old kitten should drink approx. 32 cc's a day divided into 6 feedings. You will know when a kitten is full as bubbles will form around their mouth and belly will be round. Do not overfeed a kitten. As odd as it sounds, you should burb the kitten afterwards

I'm not sure how long you will need to rub the belly to stimulate it to relieve itself. I have never raised a kitten from that young age. My one lone orphan kitty was 2-3 weeks, and stimulated itself by crawling around. I did however clean him up with cotton balls and soft cloths. Be careful not to rub too much/hard to avoid chafing.

Good luck and store up on your rest when you can!!
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here's a good website that has a lot of useful information about orphan kittens at all stages. The particular page I post is about stimulation/elimination in particular.

Hope they are doing well!
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Is that what you are trying to ask is how long to stimulate them to go to the bathroom?? Or are you asking how long to stimulate them to be hungry??
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How long to stimulate them to go to the bathroom? And so far I got a pee each time, but no poo poos. Two feedings and now poo. Can I wait more or better rub their bellys longer until something comes out?
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How are the babies doing? And how are you???? Getting enough sleep between feedings?
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