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16 y/o male not eating

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I have noticed for the past two nights when I get home, he is sitting in the kitchen laying down right in front of the cabinets. He never does this.

I gave him treats, but won't eat them. I don't think he's eaten in the last two days.

My mom has been sick and in the hospital since friday night. He has a heart murmur, but is on medication. He has always eaten. He loves food.

He looks kind of disinterested in everything. He still purrs when you pet him, but just no energy. I don't know if he is getting sick or if he misses my mom. He loves my mom to death. Even when she was sick in bed, he would stay in my room, but he knew she was there.

He has an appt this evening for a checkup anyway. I am going to run bloodwork as planned. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong and if I need to run anything else on him?
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My Cat was acting strange and wouldn't eat
just recently and seemed lethargic. I took her to vet and she
had a very high fever 105 F.
I suggest you get to vet asap for overall checkup
and blood work as I did. Her blood work came back
o.k. and she only reqd. a antibiotic shot and take
home meds and she perked up in just a couple days
and started eating again. If your kitty has a high
fever that will stop them from eating. Mine, likes
her food as well so I knew she was sick.
Also make sure he is not dehydrating.
I did give her some fluids with a syringe while I was
trying to get to vet since of course she fell ill on Sat.
after vets closed.
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It sounds like he could be stressed and depressed at your mom's absence. The bloodwork is an excellent idea, as not eating could be due to an illness as well, and the bloodwork will help determine that.

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