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Anyone feed Blue Buffalo Spa Select dry?

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Thank you all for your responses to my Felidae question. Now, I was wondering about experiences with Blue Buffalo Spa Select dry food. Does anyone here use it?
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I switched my 7 year old female to Chicken & Brown Rice Adult after adopting her last October. She clearly prefers dry food to canned food, and seems to like the Blue Spa as much as the 9 Lives that she was fed while at the shelter. The transition went much more smoothly than I expected. So I bought a few bags of it. But since then I came across JM Peerson's Dry Food analysis chart (available here) and I noticed that this food is comparatively rather high in calories. As my cat is indoors only and rather inactive, I don't necessarily think that this is the most appropriate food for her. She's not overweight and she doesn't seem to overeat, but I think she would be better off with something that contains fewer calories, like the Chicken & Brown Rice Lite. Or a different brand altogether.

Overall, and this is strictly IMO, I perceive Blue Spa as being a second-tier food, and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense. Solely from an ingredients standpoint, I look upon it as being on the same level as, say, Avoderm or Eagle Pack. Premium for sure, head and shoulders above anything you'll find in a grocery store, but not a top-tier food like Wellness Core or Orijen, for example. But as I said yesterday in an separate thread, one of the most important considerations in food selection (if not the most) is whether your cat likes a particular food and does well on it, with no adverse side effects. That carries much more weight than a slick advertising campaign or the recommendations of others.
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Based on the grain level of the reg line I wont use... Ingrediants are good and the company will answer any??? s you have ... the new low grain is quite good and compete s with grain frees ( which IMHO are a seprate group altogether )
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I use the Blue Spa Indoor. We switched to Blue Spa a few months ago and it is working out real well.
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I feed the Sensitive Skin formula and have noticed some good results, especially in Christopher Cody. His fur is really soft now and he doesn't shed like he did before. They ate Felidae before, which is a good brand but they're doing better on Blue. Christopher Cody didn't have a lot of energy but now he gets the "kitten crazies". He's almost 3 years old.

I haven't seen a single fur ball since they've been eating Blue. I used to see one about every other day.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Based on the grain level of the reg line I wont use... Ingrediants are good and the company will answer any??? s you have ... the new low grain is quite good and compete s with grain frees ( which IMHO are a seprate group altogether )
I tried the regular line on my cats and I noticed within a few days that their hair got very dry and brittle. Besides that, some of them didn't like it. So I switched them over to Wellness for a while then ultimately settled them on Innova. They seem to like the taste of that the best.
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I had a sample of it once, but neither of my cats were interested.
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Both Chase and my sister's cat did very well on Blue Spa back when I tried it. Their coats looked great, and we had no problems. They got tired of it eventually, though, and wouldn't eat it anymore.
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I am in the process of switching to BBSS Trout doesn't notice
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I started using Blue spa about a year and a half ago and really noticed a difference in my cat's coat (shiny, less shedding). I've just recently switched to their "wilderness" formula she seems to like it so far also.
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I finally convinced my mom to switch Acupuncture's food from Nutro to Blue. He did great on the Nutro NC until about 7 months ago. Then his fur started getting dry and was matting in places. The Blue made his fur soft again and he is more lively now. It only took two weeks to notice the improvements.
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I have noticed since we have used the Blue Spa Indoor my Cats throw up alot less.
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I switched my crew from Purina ONE to Blue Buffalo a little more than a month ago and have been overwhelmed by the changes in my cats. I had no idea that a simple change to a premium food could do so much. My big grey tomcat, Phinney, has long suffered with dry skin and dandruff, and had been chronically hungry and super fat. Since feeding him BLUE BUFFALO, his skin and coat have improved dramatically, and he has this amazingly beautiful sparkling dazzle in his eyes. His eating habits have quelled and he's beginning to look less and less like Barry White in cat form. Even his ever present problem with too much ear wax is far improved.

My tuxedo kitty, Howard, had some problems with mucus in his eyes that has also stopped since changing to the Blue Buffalo food.

Every one of the 5-cats in my house has experienced a dramatic transformation since changing to Blue Buffalo. Thank you to TCS for introducing me to the world of super premium foods.
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I'm feeding all my cats kitten food just so the pregnant one will get the nutrition she needs. She was eating the adult food and ignoring the kitten food when I had both out.

I got BBSS Kitten because it was the best the local store had to offer. Unfortunately, none of my cats will touch it. When I mix it with their other food, trying make a gradually change, they eat everything else and leave the Blue Buffalo in the bowl.

I would recommend getting the smallest package of any new food that you can, even if it does cost more per ounce. I would definitely have wasted less money that way.
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I switched from indoor to Sensitive Skin now because Meeko got fat on indoor. Their fur is so shiny and nice now. My Cats all like the food also.
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i haven't tried it, because of the alfalfa meal... mine are doing well on their current kibble, so i don't want to mess w/it.
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I have read more food ingredients in the last 3 months then books in my life. I use EVO dry. And I am having problems with runny pooh. So I asked around here and most feel maybe the EVO is too rich for the tummys. ANYway, I found BBSS to be a good pick due to the grains were not corn. It also has probiotics in it. I am thinking it can't hurt the kids to get some added flora in the tummy. Now mind you I am on day 2 of the switch, I will keep mixing with the EVO if the pooh firms up, If nothing changes with mixing I will go to 100% BBSS. If that doesn't work, we will go back to the vet who had no real answers but to try other foods. I swear. Things have got to get better........right?
Hope ya all have a great day!
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even though the ingredients are fairly similar to Chicken Soup none of my cats at the time I tried Blue would touch it don't know why I bother to try new things
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