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Please Help!

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Hello fellow cat lovers, I am new here. I have a siamese cat thats pregnant, I am not sure of the exact date of her breeding, sometime in the January. I have been mentoring her, and taking her temperature. I have made her a box with newspaper. On Saturday I took her temperature and it was 98.9, she has been pretty restless and hissing when the other cats try to play with her, she is still eating. It does look like theres a whiteish substance around her gentials. I am starting to get impatient ha ha. Any thoughts on maybe when she will have the kittens? Thanks for your help!! ;o)
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Welcome to TCS

Feline gestation is approx. 63-69 days. Since you dont know a mate-date, it's kind of a guess, as you may know by reading some of the other threads. Even a vet's ultrasound is known to be off by a week.

Have you felt the kittens move yet? Kittens can usually be felt two weeks before delivery. The farther into the pregnancy the more pronounced the movements. Within the last week you can actually see the kittens mover without touching her.

Also within the last week her mammary glands will begin to fill. Do they feel swollen to you? Not the nipple, but the glands along her nipples.

It is common to see some discharge days before delivery, but if you notice the mucous plug expel ahead of time you can guess she will deliver within 24 hours. However some cats dont lose this until they are delivering.

Also, some cat stop eating before they deliver, but I have had fosters eat *while* they delivered, so it is hard to predict with that.

You mentioned that you set up a birthing box, I would recommend setting up a few of them. For the current foster we h ave now, I have set up an open-topped box, a covered box (with a flippable lid for checking on her if needed), her travel crate and also a pile of old sheets. You never know where they will prefer, but I hope this deters her from crawling under my dresser!

Also this past week I have confined her to my room with food, water and litter of course. She doesnt really seem to have an inkling of escaping, but I want to make sure she has the quiet she deserves when it is time.

Speaking of food, if you havent already, now is a good time to feed her kitten food. She can use all the extra calories. ESPECIALLY after she delivers.

Good luck!!!

BTW - what is her name??
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Yup I could feel the babies moving around in there I believe it was last week. Its so neat my fiance thought it was gross ha ha. I have switched her over 2 kitten food, while I am at work I put her in the bathroom and shut the door theres food, water, nesting box, and a little kitty bed in there, she seems to be content, at first when I started putting her in there she tried to get out, now she doesnt seem to mind it as much. And her name is Pumper Nickel, and no I did not name her, my fiance did. Ughh. Last time he can name a pet ha ha!
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I love feeling the kiddies move. It's almost my favorite part!!!! That and I love how affectionate mom is before she delivers.

In fact I almost miss that part after the kits are born.

Can you see them moving around yet???
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Yup, I can see them moving, from the outside!
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In my experience, when you start to see them move, you are about a week away. I hope it's not too long of a week for you!

Enjoy the preggo-mom affection while you can!
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Thank you so much!! I will keep you updated!!
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usually seeing them move is a GREAT indicator of when thet will be born...THEN there is my movment for 3 weeks and today she is delivering, every cat is different........
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I saw movement for about 2.5 weeks before my babies were born but Sophie also had milk for 1.5 weeks and discharge for over a week before she gave birth. lol
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Goodness!! I am starting to get impatient ha ha! Everyday when I come home from work, I rush to the bathroom to see if theres any babies!!
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Just remember to keep her indoors and away from unneutered males so this doesn't happen again! She can be spayed when the kittens are around 8 weeks and the best part is that the kittens can also!
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Good ! I hope you have kittens soon! The feeling I had when I walked into Rags's room today and saw her with kittens... you will be so thrilled! Don't worry. It will happen!
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Thanks! She was under the computer desk this morning when I woke thats a unusual for her, so I put her box, food, and water in there this morning, since it seems she likes it in there!

I will let you guys know as soon as it happens!!
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You're welcome! You might also try providing her with more than one box to choose from, if you have the room to place two or three choices around. I was sure that Rags would like to have hers in a cardboard box with holes cut in it, but I left the pet crate in there in case I needed to take her to the vet. There were towels at the bottom of the crate, and she chose the crate to give birth in. I've also decided not to use towels because the babies toes tend to get stuck in the terry cloth. Right now I'm washing a little pet blanket and I am going to replace the towels with it when it is finished. Keep in mind that whatever is in the box now will get very nasty by the time she's through giving birth and will need to be changed out as soon as she is through having babies. I got Rags out of the crate after the 6th one and took the babies out and put them on a clean towel. Then I pulled all of the nasty towels out and replaced them with clean ones. Almost before I could finish, Rags was trying to put the babies back in the crate!
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I have newspaper in the bottom of 2 boxes in the room. Theres also a kitty bed and also a wooden igloo shaped bed in there it has kinda of like a fleece bottom. Hopefully when the time comes she will choose one of the boxes! But I wanted to give her as many opitions as possible. But she has gotten in the boxes from time to time, so I think she feels comfortable in them!
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