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Please keep my Mom in your thoughts...

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My poor mom she is going through so much with my sisters especially my little sister. Either last night or the night before my little sister called my mom to bail her "boyfriend" my niece's father out of jail in Augusta, Ga. Let me tell you Augusta is an expensive drive to get there from here. He got busted for driving with a suspended lisence. My mom asked her why she did not call the "boyfriend's" family because they were harping about giving them unconditional support but she did not want to hear their mouths so she called my mom. My mom bless her heart told her she (my sister) was gonna have to call someone else because she just could not do it. My mom because of all of this is on the edge of a nervous break down. She said yesterday she had to go to the doctor to get nerve pills because of all this. I feel so bad for my mom. I still can not figure out why this boy was even up there. They have no money, he does not work, only my sister has a job. Why the heck was he even up there. Plus whatever money they may have had could have been used to help get their daughter back from the state.

Plus there is my other 2 sisters who only call my mom when they want something. I know that hurts my mom a great deal. I am the only one who calls my mom on average 5 days a week just to she how her day is going and how she is dealing things. No one else in the close family does that.

Please keep my mom in your thoughts. I worry about her. I worry that one day soon I am gonna get a call my mom is in the hospital over all this stress either because she finally had a nervous breakdown or because the stress on her body and mind caused a heart attack or something so please keep her in your thoughts.
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I think at some point your mum is going to have to step back and just refuse to help any more. It'll become a case of self-preservation. Your little sister needs to really get rid of this bum - especially if he's going to do something so stupid as to drive with a suspended license - and she's going to have to do it on her own. Your mum cannot handle all this stress all by herself! For your mum, she really needs a break.
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Believe it or not my mom has done that but my sister keeps calling wanting money in one form or another. Like they had a blow up after Christmas over money and how my sister said my mom does nothing for her (the girl is deluded), then no contact till mid-end Feb. when we had that meeting about my niece that is in foster care, then again no contact till just the other day when my sister wanted my mom to bail her boyfriend out. I wish my sister would drop the zero but I don't see that happening they have been together since she was 14 or 15 and she is now 21 almost 22 and with a kid with him. He has even cheated on her before (about 1 1/2-2 years ago) and she went back to him. I have tried many times over the years to talk to and help my sister but it like trying to tell a brick wall to sprut legs and walk.

For what its worth my sister is 6 years younger than me.
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Well, no matter how old or young she is, she really needs a sodding wake up call. Perhaps your mum should consider changing her phone number and just not telling your sister. I know it sounds harsh, but it might make her sit up and think about what she's doing with her life. She cannot keep running to mummy to give her money all the time. I'm smack in the middle of your ages at 25 and I've been pretty much self-sufficient since the age of 17. I have had help, of course, but it's been given to me willingly, not because I've asked for it. If she's still with the guy she was with at age 14-15 then she's probably too scared to strike out and find someone new. He sounds like a waste of good oxygen - I know you've posted about him and your sister before now - and he needs to be dropped. Drop-kicked, for preference.

If talking to your sister is as impossible as it seems, then you guys should all just back off, cut her off and let her make the mistakes she seems hell-bent on making. Sooner or later she's going to have to face reality.
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I now only see my sister at holidays really or at dcfs meetings about my niece. I have quit trying to talk to her. They only way I would take her in and help her again is if she truely wanted to leave that zero. Last time I took her in was after the first time dcfs came knocking on her door. She said she had had it with him and was leaving. So she and my niece came to stay with me while she got on her feet. Well Ihad to go up state to see my son's specialist and did not trust her alone in my house for drug issues so she went to stay with another sister. Well within 24 hours she went back to him. And thats where I drew the line.

My mom tries to screen her calls but as been seen she does at times give in and answers her calls and me and my stepdad see the end results of the calls.
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Ok, then someone needs to change your mum's phone number and not tell your mum! Seriously, someone has to be strong for your mum. If she can't stick to screening and ignoring your sister's calls, perhaps someone should do it for her.
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Well I just called my mom again. She is feeling a little better. She is still very hurt by other members of the family and I don't blame her one bit sorry to say. So I am gonna plan to go out there either Tuesday or Wednesday next week and help her prepare for the new trailer she is getting. Why because it is painfully obvious to my mom and me that no one else in the family will go help her and they live in the same county, heck same city, as her and I live 30 mins away. Uggg family....
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Well, you know what they say... you can pick and choose your friends, but family... well you're stuck with them, warts and all. At least you seem to have a healthy bond with her She's going to be grateful for that right about now, I reckon. I hope she starts to feel much more like herself again soon. With a daughter like you, I'm sure it won't take long!
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