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Daily Thread Tues March 11th!

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Morning folks!

A balmy -12 today But only 9 more days until spring!!

I have my regular workday today, then an appointment at 8pm tonight in the office. I don't really mind. It might be a good sale so its worth it It does make me miss the gym though.

Nothing much else going on today. My mom is finally down, so I spent some time with her last night. I really love spending time with the whole family

I hope you all have a good one!
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Morning everyone

Today is a good 50* or so and SUNNY! What a beautiful way to enter spring!

Otherwise today i'm just going to work, sit through meetings, and then try and workout tonight...I just have to remember to bring a change of clothes.
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good morning, last i looked we where still getting snow.
that may have changed in the last couple of hours,.

woot almost time to head home
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morning! its a nice -5 this morning..oh it feels so nice..although its -12 with the windchill...
but thats warm! should be an interesting day
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Nice crisp morning here, but it should be warming up a bit this week. I think I need to get some rain boots to make it through the puddles that the melting snow will make.

I have a nasty head cold and really don't want to be at work, but hopefully the day goes quickly.

Nat - glad your mom made it in safely. Hope that she has a lovely visit.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.
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Mad with work. Sore tooth. Just mad, mad, mad. Need sleep.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
Mad with work. Sore tooth. Just mad, mad, mad. Need sleep.
Ditto on the sore tooth
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Ditto on the sore tooth
I know - sucks, don't it? It feels like an infection under the roots - I can't feel it for the most of the time, only when I chew. DH has the same problem and he's on a serious dosage of penicillin and pain killers. I haven't had the heart to tell him I'm not feeling up to much either - he's got enough to worry about at the moment.
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Morning All!!!

Well the sun is shining here this morning, it's -19 right now but it is suppose to warm up to about -4 by this afternoon..

Tired this morning, didn't get to much sleep due to the ear infection but hopefully it will start improving quickly now with the meds.

Heading off to work for awhile, have two meetings today so after that I have nothing special planned.

The kitties are good, all trying to fit in one little sunspot in the center of the living room. It's very cute.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning!. Trying to catch up on threads that i've missed because Gil was down for a long weekend, then i must start to pack this evening for London this weekend
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Today I woke up and my birthday hit me in the head.
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The day is starting off sunny buts it pretty breezy outside. The good thing is the temps should reach close to 40F!!! Yay snow can melt!!!

Woke up again with a bit of a stiff back-it does get better as the day progresses though.

Working on my lists of items to buy,do and bring before we leave on vacation friday.
My neighbor who will feed/water the cats stopped in yesterday for instructions. It should go ok!!

Just working on some (more) knitting today, will have to use treadmill unless I wait until later in the afternoon for a walk.

Have some sort of chicken dish for dinner tonite!!

Have a good day....
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Morning cats

Like so many of you, I'm also quite tired. But at least I don't have much to do today. I just have school for an hour so that's good and then I will hopefully go for a nap a bit later and go to the gym.

And the weather seems to suddenly be warming up and getting ready for spring. Right now we are at -9*C (15.8*F) and we are supposed to get up to +4(39.2*F)!!

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Afternoon everyone! I slept in a bit today. I stayed in bed to cuddle with Lucky & Molly. Connor was playing in the living room with Mom so I didn't want to get up and disturb them.

Have some house cleaning to do later.

Tonight DH is attempting to replace the kitchen faucet. It's no longer just a drip coming out. Him and his brother bought the supplies and tools last night.
Plumbing 101 is tonight at his mother's house.

Have a good day.
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It is currently -2c here. It is supposed to warm up to 5 by Friday. I am working 5-9:30 tonight.

We are going to Niagara Falls for the weekend so we need to decide which hotel we want to stay at pretty soon. I want to stay at the Fallsview Plaza. It is $159 for the night (we are only staying one night).
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Well, it's sunny and going to be in the high 60's F - about 20 C.

I went to my swim clinic yesterday and to aquafit as well. My body said "no pool" today and for once I listened. I guess I won't be wearing Eau du Chlorine today.

Nothing much else doing today. Cleaning the bird cages, doing laundry, taking son to psychologist, etc.
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hello all. i hope your all having a lovely day, mine's rubbish! am sooo fed up grrr! i think i need to cuddle my kitty's
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