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outdoor cat?

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I was wondering about the care of an outdoor(primary cat) will be spayed/neutered and have full shots.I can not have any cats where i am at but would like an outdoor friendly one that i can provide full care too.
What do i need for a full outdoor cat?
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My cats are indoor/outdoor and 2 of them spend 90% outside. They are all fixed and have regular vet visits so they are parasite free and more protected healthwise than a homeless stray/feral.
I leave fresh water for my outdoor cats and feed them a regular breakfast everyday. I do not leave food or food dishes out for them but I do give them a bowl of treats each afternoon and evening. These "meal times" are sometimes outside and sometimes inside the house. It's up to them really. Also, at these times I check for anything out of the ordinary.
That's about it.
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I forgot to say that I live in the tropics, so I have no weather concerns except during the rainy season. My outsiders have a place with a roof and soft flooring (wood) to keep dry and cool.
You may have to provide a proper shelter to protect your outdoor kitty from bad weather.
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I've got outdoors farm kitties.

First thing you must make sure it is safe from cars, people, animals, etc.

It's cold here, so I have a heated water bowl. I feed them 2x a day or more, both wet & dry. They are vetted, fixed, etc.
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Neutered or spayed and complete set of shots, including rabies and tested for FELV and FIP. And probably periodic worming by the vet. Also need to have a flea treament to use.
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