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They are so cute. I love the calico girl's coloring.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I really love the Calico. I'm guessing dad was a black or tuxedo cat...
i agree. love the little tuxie kits!
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Thanks. I love the little calico as well. She is beautiful. I wish I knew what the daddy looked like. I didn't even see a tom at my house around the time Sophie was bred so I have no idea. I saw what the tom that Olive (Sophie's sister) was bred to (she is due around april 4th). My mom accidently let her out of the house. (my dogs go in and out all the time pottying) The dad was a long haired fluffy solid smokey grey cat. I tried to catch her and chase him off but they just ran under the house. Can grey cats make black and white babies? If he was the dad I guess these babies could be longhaired too.
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since blue/grey is a dilute form of black, seems like they could...
you should check out the 'kitten color predictor'!
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I actually just checked it and it said I had a chance for black, blue, red, tabby, and tortoishell. So I guess it was that grey cat. There was an orange tom too but I haven't seen him as much and it seems there would have been orange kittens if he was the daddy. It also looks like Olive will only either have blue tabby or grey babies.
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I see the pics now... I am used to dsl and now that my dsl is down, I have to rely on dialup.... yuck

they are sooo precious and I love that little calico girl.... so cute~
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The kitten color predictor doesn't include calico for the mother. Is there another online color predictor that does?
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I believe you would select tortoishell?
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Oh so cute!!! Those little black and white ones.. oh Im in love with them!! Just beautiful!! The calico is cute too... I cant decide which one I like best, #1, #3 or #4!! I love calico's too... but the black and white tuxedos are my fav!
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Originally Posted by Lindsey88 View Post
I believe you would select tortoishell?
Thanks! Of course, my babies are here so I'm not trying to predict anything. I was just curious to see if my litter matched up with what the selector said. That seems to be the only good color predictor online.
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Here they are 3 days old. I think I will post pictures of them every day in this thread from now on.
They aren't in order this time and I gave them temporary names. Of course their new owners will probably rename them.
Baby number 3 renamed Roxie

Baby number 2 renamed Punky since she is so full of spunk (see my video thread) I love the little orange patch on the left side of her face

Baby number one renamed Amelia

And baby number 4 the only boy I named Harley since my dad has one and is a Harley man

Hope you like them half as much as I do.
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They are soo pretty! I love the names!

I'm thinking of taking pictures everyday when I weigh them.
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4 Days old




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omg. They're so adorable!!!
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They are sooooo sweet!
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Wow, they look bigger from one day to the next!
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Thanks they have gotten bigger. It seems they have grown every morning when I check on them. They are going to make their new owners very happy.
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They are all so adorable :
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they're all really cute... but Roxie is going to have really gorgeous markings if her coloring remains true. very unusual!
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omg i LOVE the little calico one. its sooo adorable-they all are <333
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Lve them!!

A weird question-why do their noses look scabbed? I've never seen kittens this young and am about to have a litter, so just wondering if this is what I should expect?
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2 of them had dirty noses which I cleaned with a damp paper towel today and now they have clean pink noses again. Not sure how they got dirty lol. I'm going to take more pictures later tonight.
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Dirty noses I think, are from the sugar in the milk attracting the dirt that's naturally just around. It happens also later when they are on soft food - they don't really know how to clean themselves off yet.
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Here they are today 5 days old. Kitty pile.




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They are all so gorgeous!! just like their mommy is!! but my favorite is definately the lil calico! for some reason i love calicos.
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Didn't get pictures today but will tomorrow. They will be 8 days old tomorrow. I got their weights today and everything looks good. Harley, Amelia, and Roxie have their eyes open.

Are these in the normal range?
Harley- 198 Grams
Amelia my little fatty is - 226 grams
Punky-195 grams
Roxie-205 grams
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