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I Think Rags Is Nesting!!!

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I came home tonight and Rags has messed up the inside of the kittening box and the crate that I put in there in case I had to take her to the vet. There is a towel in the bottom of the crate and some blankets in the box and she has been mussing up both places! I think she's trying to figure out where to have the babies!!!
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Lets hope we have more babies born tonight!
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Dare I hope?
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Lots of vibes coming her way!
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Seriously! Is there a full moon tonight????

I'm going to be restless all night peeping on Twix.
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First Sophie, then Dill... will Twix and Rags follow suit????

And who will go first?
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I hope she goes soon. One of Sophie's kittens was born after midnight so the little boy was born on the same day as Dill's. lol
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Rags is getting clingy to me and less interested in food. I would say she is close, but after the stuff with Dill I'm afraid to assume too much!
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Dill stopped eating last night, did alot of phantom poo's but made no other indication other than mucous plug and water breaking, we didnt even know they were comming until we heard her grunt cuz she was will come I thought It never would either and so far we have 2 kittens.....To you and your kitty...hopefully its soon....
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Thanks! Congrats on your babies! I can't wait to have some babes to cuddle!
BTW, I decided to cancel her appointment for today. Since she is showing these new signs I think it's best to let her stay here and not stress her unless there is an obvious problem.
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OH!!!! I wanted Rags and Pennie to go together!! I'm thinking by the end of this weekend. She's just sleeping a lot, still eating normally, and STILL unable to clean her backside, Grrrrrrr. I've seen enough poop on whatever cloth happens to be lying on the ground to last me a lifetime, lol!!
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Yes, Rags still has a dirty behind. I can't wait until she's no longer preggers so she can reach back there and clean herself!
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I know how you feel Sophie had a dirty backside those last couple of days. What was bad was when I checked her and got it on my finger. ick
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Wow, its a busy week here!!! You are probably afraid to jinx yourself, but it does sound like it's time!! Keep us posted
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