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Recently my mom's new pickup got saturated inside with skunk spray (the skunk sprayed underneath the truck and it spread via the exhaust system.) She had it professionally cleaned, with modest improvements. My dh decided to try a product he'd read about and OMG...did it ever work! He not only got out ALL the skunk odor but restored that "new car smell" by eliminating any other odor that was in the truck. AMAZING!!!

I decided to try it inside the cabinet where I keep the litter robot. My cats have had a few pee accidents in recent months (litter rebellion) and it just smelled bad. Spritz spritz spritz and all odor was gone--instantly.

OK, I won't keep you in suspense any longer:

I wouldn't use it on a fresh stain, as it's not a cleaner, but an odor eliminator. However, if you've cleaned the spot and it's still smelly, this should do the trick.