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Pictures from the Phila. Flower Show

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The Phila. Flower show was this week. It's not just a bunch of cut flowers, the Convention Center is transformed into an indoor garden. It's amazing, and after this winter it was great to see flowers and greens!

The theme was Festival de las flores (Flower Festival), and was inspired by a town in Puerto Rico called Loiza.

This one shows the backyard of a townhouse.

Here is the representation of the church in Loiza before a wedding.

Assorted flowers

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OMG!!! I LOVE flowers and plants!!!!! I would have loved to go to this flower show!!!!! My mom kinda got me started loving plants...she used to belong to a local group when I was young, called "The Garden Club" and they had shows with other area "garden club" members and judged flower arrangements, etc.

I have filled my home with as many plants and flowers as I possibly can...and I loved the pictures you just posted!!!! Do you have more??? If so, could you show them???

I just recently purchased a plant called a "lipstick plant". I have never had one, although I have many other types of plants....this plant is so beautiful!!!!!! It hangs way down and at first it just had these kind of burgandy colored flowers on it, and I kept wondering why they called it a lipstick plant...then a couple weeks ago, I noticed that there were these fuzzy bright fushia colored things poking out of the burgandy flowers.....they did indeed look EXACTLY like lipstick !!!!! And then just today I noticed that some of these fushia "buds" were opening up into the most beautiful little flowers!!! INSIDE the burgandy flowers!!!! WOW!!! Talk about beautiful!!!
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ohhh so pretty!!!!
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these are lovely. thanks for sharing them!
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Debby, I love flowers, too, and plants of all kinds. Yes, I took about 30 pictures yesterday. I love the show, I try to go every year. The flowers and gardens are beautiful.

I also get to see a very dear friend of mine, who has a stand selling flowers. He lives in New York state, so I don't see him that often. I love him dearly, he's like a brother to me. He gave my friends and I each a bouquet of orchids, something I would never buy for myself.

Here's the link to the album--there are a lot of pictures so it might take awhile to look at it!

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The flower show is coming to Boston on March 22nd and I can't wait to go! I love going, its always just so invigorating. It instantly feels like spring/summer when you are there!!

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Thanks for the link! When I have a little bit more time I am going to go and look at them! Thanks!
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Originally posted by bren.1
Assorted flowers

I love the colour in these ones. Flowers.....greenery...*sigh* With this winter being so cold and snowy, I don't think I'll ever reach spring!

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