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Energy Bulbs question

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I'm pretty sure I know the answer ("No"), but thought I would ask anyway.

I bought some of those long lasting energy saver light bulbs today in an attempt to "help" our electric bill.

However one of the lamps that I have has a "bulb gripper" I guess you would call it that holds the lamp shade to the bulb.

If you know what I'm talking about can I use one of those energy lights on it or no?
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You really don't want anything touching a fluorescent bulb, so I would say no.
Would it be possible to change the lamp socket and harp to fit the lamp shade wire?
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Hmmm...I'll have to check. I thought about just leaving the lamp shade off, but realized how tacky it looked (it's actually for a ceiling lamp).

I would change out the lamp, but seeing that I'm not an electriction...I don't want to pretend to be one.
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I dont know where you'd find one... but how about a shade that connects beneath the light bulb... You know where you screw them in at??? I've had one before, but it came with the light. Good luck.
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Don't think so - we have a similar one - and the bulbs don't really work right on those kinds - need the normal ones.
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This doesn't answer your question but we bought one and it is supposed to brighten like a 60 watt but use watts like a 15. Well it lights more like a 40.

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Yea I noticed that too...Ibought the "bright" so its suppose to shine like daylight...except it just looks florescent bright.

I'll have to keep checking the ceiling fixture. Maybe I can "invent" something...that's just a scary thought right there...
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We have one in the porch light and when its cold it takes awhile to brighten up. Not an "instant" bright light on the porch
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We use quite of few of the compact florescent bulbs. They will take up to a minutes to reach there full light intensity. We started by switching out the bulbs in the garage and basement first as those don't get used at much. Can't say how much our light bill has gone down as we also heat our house via electric heat. Should be able to tell in May.
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