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What A Nice Guy! A "Good Vet" Story...

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I had to re-order some Interferon for Geronimo & Winchester's FIP treatments, b/c being the klutz that I am I accidently dropped an entire bottle of the stuff onto the floor. When I went to give them their dosage, they tried spitting it back out - and I've never had any problems giving them the stuff with either one of them: it's actually one medicine that they don't mind taking, and take without fighting me. So I realized that there might be something wrong with the Interferon (like maybe a bad batch, or maybe the Interferon got switched with something else). So I called my vet to discuss the issue with him: he didn't know why they didn't want to take the stuff, although he did say that he had to get the Interferon from a different manufacturer b/c the previous source quit making the stuff. He actually tasted the stuff himself, to see if it was "off" or anything. He said that it had a sweet taste to it, and it shouldn't have. So he proceeded to call the manufacturer to find out what was going on, and they told him that they had added a sweetener to the Interferon (apparently assuming that a cat would take it easier that way). Well apparenlty Geronimo or Winchester don't have a sweet tooth, and want nothing to do with the new batch. So my vet, being the nice guy that he is, re-ordered the "regular" Interferon - at no charge to me.
(which is a God-send, b/c that stuff is expensive! and he
knows we're struggling financially right now). I offered to bring back the "icky" batch so he wouldn't lose any money, but he said it wasn't necessary and to just dump it. What a prince!

This is just one of the reasons why I continue to use him as my vet. Not only is he a GOOD vet and one whom you can trust, he'll also go out of his way to correct a problem if one arises, and not take advantage of your situation.

I salute you, Dr. C.!

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Gosh if only I could find a vet that remotely mimicks someone that good.
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Wow, thats so great, I want your vet!!
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Your vet apparently knows one thing many forget - a good review from a customer is valuable. You've just given him a good review on here and will likely tell friends as well. Whether he fully intended it that way or not, his good deed will come back to him.
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You are lucky to have such a great vet!

Mine are pretty damn awesome too.

I like my GP, but I love my vets.
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I also love my vet, before trav came here, i was nearly bankrupted. My vet understood this and she told me that the cats health came first and that i would pay her the money when i could. Well three months later i repayed her. We have alot of mutual trust.

I just hope our next vet in Australia will be as wonderful and so caring with cats like this one
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Wow.... we need more vets like that in the world!
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